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How to maintain kidney health: guidelines and rules

Как сохранить здоровье почек: рекомендации и правилаTo monitor the health will never go out of fashion.

However, not all people manage to avoid kidney disease.

How many times a year do you do different tests for kidney disease? What is your level of confidence in their health? Kidney problems is every third citizen of our country. Unfortunately, we often too late go to the doctor. How not to miss the right moment?

As is known, the main role of the kidneys – the withdrawal of products of metabolism from the blood. It is through the kidneys it is unnecessary for the body toxins, organic compounds, water, and salt enters the stomach together with food, are ejected. The defensive function of the kidneys is that with their help, it is the neutralization and excretion of harmful and toxic substances that came from the outside, whether it be medication, drugs, nicotine or alcohol. The kidneys have a huge impact on the volume of water in the body, and are also involved in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, the breakdown of peptides and amino acids. And of course, provide the synthesis of substances necessary for a human being. The slightest changes in renal function have a negative impact on health.

If you’ve had an acute respiratory infection, should be tested for kidneys. After all, regular flu or SARS contribute to the development of various renal diseases. But don’t get carried away with the drugs. A large number of the medications used is not always good for the kidneys. You do not need to take medication without a doctor’s prescription. All of this can lead to bad consequences. Scientists have proven that nicotine has an antidiuretic effect, i.e. it facilitates the narrowing of the blood vessels and prevents the removal of water from the body. Thus there is a decrease in blood flow and increases the risk of cancer of the kidneys. Alcohol is the main factor of the disease nephritis. Due to prolonged use of alcohol may develop nephropathy that may lead to serious complications. The basic rules to ensure good health of kidneys: Rule # 1 – you need to play sports.

Rule # 2 – spend the day actively
Rule # 3 — check blood sugar levels
Rule # 4 – control your weight
Rule # 5 – monitor the pressure
Rule # 6 — quit Smoking
Rule # 7 — do not take medicines without a doctor’s prescription
Rule # 8 — regular medical examination

Stick to these rules in order to stay healthy!

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