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How to maintain a healthy thyroid at home

Как поддержать здоровье щитовидной железы в домашних условияхDoctors say that the health of the thyroid gland – the key to good health and a strong immune system, so it should be protected.

Change in the weather and climate dramatically affect human health, and the reason for this change in the thyroid gland. This body produces the necessary hormones in the body and if a failure occurs, the first to suffer immune system, causing a person picks up the virus and constantly sick in the autumn and winter periods.

In addition to a weak immune system malfunction of the thyroid gland and its inability to produce enough hormones leads to disorders of mental health and well-being in General. Hence the bad mood, depression, and apathy, and drowsiness, and chronic fatigue.

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Because thyroid dysfunction can lead to serious consequences, doctors recommend carefully treat it and maintain its health.

How to support the thyroid?

Correct and balanced diet. What matters is that the diet present foods fortified with vitamin a, iron, iodine and selenium. It – mushrooms, apples, carrots, eggs, beef liver, sesame seeds, pomegranate and so on.

Reduce sugar intake and to abandon starchy foods. They contribute to the recruitment of overweight and lead to the fact that the thyroid gland begins to work too slowly.

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Physical activity should be regular. You cannot abandon activities or trivial movements, as it primarily affects the blood circulation, then the ability of the thyroid to produce hormones in the right quantity. At least, the day a person has to take 10K steps or walk 7 km.

If symptoms of disorders of the thyroid gland do you already have, to postpone the visit to the endocrinologist dangerous to health.

Follow the advice of doctors and your thyroid gland will not cause you health problems regardless of the time of year.

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