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How to lose weight without dieting: the four best ways

Как похудеть без диет: четыре лучших способаIt turns out that you can become slimmer and without following torturous diets.

Absolutely all current diets have the main principle is caloric deficit. According to the authors still programs for weight loss, reducing caloric intake is the only method to lose weight.

In fact, diets have a certain effect due to the lack of calories, but in this case, the body gives no fat, and liquid. Thus, the dropped pounds come back very quickly. But there is another side of the “coin” – with a deficit of calories the body is under stress, which ultimately leads to a slower metabolism. Losing weight and then wonder why the weight goes on.

New scientific developments in the field of weight loss

For effective and quick weight loss need to “accelerate” metabolism. So your metabolism has been accelerated have exercise to move a lot and even resort to force loads. Reinforced physical exertion cause the muscles to burn fat even when you lie on the couch and do nothing.

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You need to lose weight the whole family. Scientists believe that accommodation with full individual affects the rest of the household and someone also begins to gain weight. Therefore, if you decide to lose weight, but your family is not perfect, then lose weight together is guaranteed to lead you to success.

Drink only water and sometimes green tea or fresh fruit/vegetables. The human body need water and no other liquid replaces water. Particularly harmful juices in Tetra Pak cartons, sodas, soft drinks and others. Their composition always contains a lot of sugar and preservatives, and many people like to drink tea with cookies or candy, and this leads to the recruitment of extra pounds. A single Cup of green tea and glass of fresh juice will be enough, and the remaining 1.5-2 liters of fluid should be water.

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A new set of plates. American scientists have repeatedly stated their hypothesis concerning the eating of the little plates that the result will lead to fat loss and weight control. So why not to try this method on yourself? Judging by the reviews of those who have changed large plates to small and not deep, this method is mega-effective.

These simple and accessible methods will help you to achieve the desired results in weight loss in the shortest time.

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