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How to lose weight quickly for the New year: important considerations

Как быстро похудеть к Новому году: важные рекомендации Turns out it’s pretty simple.

Before the New year left nothing at all, and you don’t fit into your favorite dress? These tips will help you lose weight quickly and without problems.

Of course, it is better not to lose weight hastily for a long time losing a month one to two kilograms. Nutritionists say that such a rate of loss weighing is the most safe for the body, and, most importantly, ensures that the weight will not come back again. But what if you want to lose weight for the New year? We offer you some simple tips that will help you to quickly reduce your waist and hips!

Just remember to break the weight loss plan absolutely not!

Eliminate from the diet all sweet products.

Stop eating meats and processed foods.

Do not eat flour products, including bread.

Discard the pickles.

Cross out from the menu, the pasta and corn.

Avoid grapes, bananas and beets.

Do not eat jam, chocolate.


You should have three main meals and two snacks.

Breakfast: vegetables (except beets) and protein foods (eggs, dairy products, meat, legumes).

Lunch: carbohydrates (cereals), protein foods, vegetables and fruits.

Dinner: same principle as the Breakfast. During snack, consume vegetable proteins, for example, seeds or nuts.

Be sure to observe the water regime: during the day you must drink at least 2 litres of clean water.

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And, of course, move: 30 minutes of any physical activity (walking, exercise, running) will significantly improve your shape, even in such a short period!

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