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How to lose weight quickly: diet for cheap economical

Как быстро похудеть: дешевая диета для экономныхMinus five pounds a week guaranteed.

Beetroots are an ideal product for those who have problems with digestion because if you eat this vegetable regularly, it acts as a natural laxative and cleans the body of toxins. And the figure will say “thank you”! We offer beet healthy diet that will help to get rid of a few unwanted pounds and not gain excess.

The secret of quick weight loss with beet is very simple: it needs to be eaten for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. In a week nutritionists promise weight loss of 4-5 lbs. This diet has very strict rules. Beets can be eaten in any form: raw, baked or boiled, it can also be combined with other vegetables. Before meals is very helpful to drink a glass of juice of beetroot and Apple.

During the diet you can eat: lean beef and chicken eggs and dairy products rice, buckwheat and oatmeal seafood and fish and vegetables fruits and berries dried fruits and nuts olives and olive oil whole wheat bread, tea without sugar, fresh juices water herb teas.

During the beet diet can not eat: fried potatoes store-bought sauces, fatty meats (pork, lamb, duck) fast food and processed foods sausage, sausage and canned meats butter sugar and flour products, carbonated drinks, store-bought juice and alcohol.

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Before you sit on the beet diet , please consult your physician. Because the use of beets can hurt some people, for example, those who have the diagnosis “diabetes”, is suffering from kidney disease or hemochromatosis.

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