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How to lose weight in a month: named for the simple method

Как сбросить вес за месяц: назван несложный способIt is not necessary to go to great sacrifices in order to lose weight.

It is impossible to refuse the pleasure we get from eating, forcing yourself to starve and count calories.

You must learn to eat a balanced and diverse, including in your diet foods with diuretic properties, which helps us to lose weight.

Experts told about the 3 natural ingredients that promote removal of fat from our body. They also allow to cope with the swelling and speed up the metabolism.

Thanks to them, your body will increase energy consumption and it will be easier to lose weight. What kind of ingredients: lemon, ginger, and Chia seeds.

For many of us, diets are associated with stress, guilt, frustration, irritability and other negative emotions.

Why is this happening? The fact is that most diets encourage us to drastically reduce the number of calories and give up many favorite foods and experience constant hunger.

To diet produced good results for a long time, you need to look at it in new ways and form more healthy habits.

If healthy food will enter you into the habit, you will always be able to enjoy delicious and exciting dishes and even to afford from time to time a small whims.

In order to lose weight, you need to include in your diet more foods that help us lose weight. Thus, you’ll need to make less effort to achieve their goal and not have to give up eating.

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Foods that help to lose weight

Are there really products that can help us to get rid of extra pounds? Because all food contains calories.

Yes, such products exist. Though they also contain calories our body expends on processing them more energy than they contain.

They also have various medicinal properties, which helps us easier and faster to lose weight.


One such product is a lemon. This citrus has unique cleansing properties, contains many antioxidants and neutralizes acidic pH. Lemon is an essential element of a healthy diet.

As for weight loss then lemon facilitates the breakdown and removal of fats, combats fluid retention and edema. Thanks to him, we quickly get a feeling of fullness that helps to avoid snacking.

Lemon can be used in full together with pulp and zest. Therefore, it is recommended to buy lemons, grown in ecologically clean conditions, without the use of pesticides, waxes and other chemicals.


Exotic ginger root with a spicy and refreshing taste and stimulates our metabolism. This is necessary in order to lose weight.

Many of us get fat because of slow metabolism. It can be accelerated with the help of exercise and healthy habits. But don’t forget about the foods that accelerate metabolism. One of them is ginger.

Also ginger root allows you to regulate the level of glucose in the blood and control appetite naturally.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are another ingredient that allows us to lose weight health benefits. They normalize the work of intestines, cleaning it and protecting us from constipation.

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These little seeds help us to cope with the bloating and stimulate peristalsis. Due to the high content of antioxidants, protein and fibre Chia seeds are of great benefit to our health.

In order for Chia seeds benefits, before using them, soak for a few hours.

Natural recipe for a slim figure

Ingredients (per 1 night): a well-washed organic lemon, 1 tablespoon Chia seeds (14 g) piece of fresh ginger, pre-grated, or 1 teaspoon ginger powder (2.5 g), 2 cups of water (400 ml.), a little bit of stevia to sweeten the drink (if desired).


The night before soak Chia seeds in two cups of water.

The next morning take the blender and mix well in it Chia seeds with water, lemon juice and ginger.

To drink has become more useful, can add grated lemon zest. Lemon peel contains more nutrients than the pulp of these fruits.

In conclusion, can sweeten the drink with stevia.

How is it taken?

The finished cocktail should be homogeneous, strain it is not necessary.

Drink it in the following way:

The first glass of cocktail in the morning on an empty stomach.

The second is between Breakfast and lunch.

Latest — between lunch and dinner.

It is recommended to drink it for 15 days, repeating the course every 3 months.

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