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How to lose weight for the New year: 6 simple rules

Как похудеть к Новому году: 6 простых правилIn order to lose weight, we must consume fewer calories than you spend.

Quite a bit of time left before the New year, says Rush Hour.

During the night, I want to be beautiful and stunning. But often, a big belly and saggy side does not allow you to get into a new dress.Secrets to fast weight loss well-known Hollywood stars. However, whether so brutally “beat” in the body? We suggest to familiarize with simple rules that will help to lose weight for the New year without harm for health.

Well, if your figure is perfect. If she is poor, then you need to hurry to get in shape before the Christmas holidays. How to do it – read below!

1. Set a goal right

Psychological readiness for weight loss — the first step to success. The new year is a great excuse to finally start losing weight. But you can’t make this holiday the only motive for weight loss. You’ll be irresistible in a new dress and pluck a ton of compliments. But if the chimes will open up a new milestone in the boundless gluttony is not worth it…

Let the weight loss for the new year will be for you a kind of intermediate target. A couple of months you’ll be able to improve your diet to acquire correct eating habits. Subsequently, using your new skills,you can easily keep the result is weight loss.

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2. Abandon strict diets

Do you think that will lose weight faster by cutting your intake to 700 calories a day? Not at all! With a strong lower calorie content starts to “slow down” the thyroid gland, decreases the rate of metabolism, and therefore fat loss will be slower. But cutting your daily diet for 500-600 kcal, you will be able to achieve very respectable results — reset to the holidays 6-8 kg.

3. Reduce the number of empty and liquid calories

Empty calories include pastries, sweets, processed foods, fast food. To the liquid — juices, smoothies, soups. On the one hand, these dishes quite diet(excluding fruit juices), on the other they provide the feeling of satiety. To lose weight,experiencing the feeling of hunger — is this what you really want?

4. Go with products that need to chew

They fill us best! Plus to the digestion of such food, your body spends extra calories. Ideal if in every meal you’re going to combine proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates (for example, omelet with vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil, or fish with brown rice).

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5. Pay attention to the protein mono-diet

This will allow you to withdraw the excess fluid from the body and lose several inches in the waist. Doctors call this diet “protein bumps” and recommend them only to people with healthy kidneys (this is important!). For such unloading will suit boiled veal or chicken breast without the skin. 1 kg of meat spread in 4 meals and eat it during the day. But keep in mind, “protein bumps” you can use no more than twice per month.

6. Take a multivitamin

Even using the put daily calorie intake, we lack many vitamins and minerals. Imagine how many valuable substances you will receive less if you cut back your diet? Their deficiency may cause the insatiable cravings for certain foods (your body is trying to get something he lacks), including to the unhealthy: bread, sausages, cakes. Any you a multivitamin can pick up together with your doctor.

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