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How to lose weight fast: Chinese miracle-diet

Как быстро похудеть: китайская чудо-диетаThe Chinese diet is based on low calorie food.

Recently gaining popularity of the Chinese tradition in various branches of culture, religion, sports and nutrition, which is dedicated to this article.

The basis of the healing diet of the Eastern States represent the following products: raw vegetables and fruits, rice porridge, seafood, saltwater fish and cabbage. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

For fourteen days not only can lose from 7 to 12 kg, but also to cleanse the body.

Water necessarily to be without gas. It is prohibited to use salt, sugar, alcoholic drinks, limit milk, fatty foods, flour products.

Three times a week, every other day, is necessary in the morning on an empty stomach to drink two cups of boiled hot water, for cleaning the bowel, and subsequently improve digestion, assimilation of nutrients.

The Breakfast is always to drink a Cup of green tea without sugar, if hunger is allowed to eat the bread.

Day 1. For lunch scrambled eggs from two eggs, salad from fresh cabbage, seasoned with olive oil, drinking a glass of kefir or sour milk. Dinner – boiled fish and the second portion of cabbage garnish.

Day 2. Lunch – fish with coleslaw. Tonight salmon steak + Apple juice.

Day 3. For lunch, boil an egg and three carrots(season with olive oil). Dinner – fruit salad of apples and pears.

Day 4. Herbal tea for Breakfast. Lunch – rice with chicken + apples. For dinner is allowed two omelet of two eggs, cabbage with olive oil and 200 grams of beef.

Day 5. Morning – coffee and carrots. At lunchtime – 500 g fish and tomato juice. In the evening 400 g fish, steamed vegetable and salad.

Day 6. Lunch – 400 g boiled chicken fillet, steamed vegetables. Dinner – scrambled eggs on toast.

Day 7. Lunch – 200 g lean meat, and fruit platter. Dinner to choose from previous.

The second week repeats the first. Effect will occur by the end of the first week with strict diet. Repeat diet nutritionists suggest a minimum of two months.

Contraindicated for people with diseases of the urinary, excretory, cardiovascular system, as well as ulcer, gastritis and allergies to any of the ingredients.

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