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How to know the real mileage of the car Hyundai

Как узнать реальный пробег автомобиля ХюндайIs it possible to know the real mileage of the Hyundai? Yes, if you pay attention not only on the numbers of mechanical or electronic odometer, but the technical condition of the car. Garage “craftsmen” or auto mechanics can easily reduce the testimony, but to hide the real depreciation of Korean for them.

Ways to identify fraud

In fairness I must say that the mileage is not only decrease, but increase. If you were wondering how to clear Hyundai that certainly drew attention to the following fact. Previously, when importing a car from Europe or Japan customs got the car with an artificially increased mileage because it was more profitable to import used cars. Today the situation has changed. As customs clearance in Ukraine Hyundai can be found on specialized forums or legal portals. Currently for cars from the 2010 release are guided by the Law 3251. Matter the engine size and the age of the machine, its cost, and compliance with the environmental standard Euro 5.

A lot of cars not older than 2010 are presented on AUTO.RIA. Every day sold about 1,400 vehicles have the very best deals.

How to know twisted if the mileage on a Hyundai? To determine the catch in several ways:

  • Visual inspection of the odometer, its mounting (not a good sign – too net connection place, the traces of disassembly of the shield, other signs of treatment);
  • Contacting a service center.
  • Approximate arithmetic (about 25,000 km per year for private individuals and 5,000 for organizations). Should be alerted to the discrepancy of the age of the car and odometer;

    Better than any expert about intensive use of the car will tell you such details as the degree of wear of the engine, undercarriage, condition of the exterior and interior (especially driver’s seat). Pay attention to such “trifles” as viterra padding or old sealing gum, thinned lining on the pedals, worn braid steering, fitted carpet. There are other clues.

    Tire inspection

    Look at the degree of wear of the tread. Fuzzy picture, too, the small grooves would indicate a considerable period of operation at small mileage. Agree, it looks suspicious if you consider that the average lifespan of tires is 50,000 km.

    Inspection of brake discs

    To inspect the brake discs, you will need to remove the wheel. A noticeable groove on the disk does not appear immediately and becomes obvious signs after driving 30000 km and this should take into account that the wear of the brake discs models with the automatic is higher than that of cars with manual transmission.

    Inspection of the engine compartment

    Under the hood there are sites that change very rarely, and always with appropriate labels, which indicate the mileage at time of repair (e.g. timing belt). Carefully looking at labels, you may notice the discrepancy of the odometer reading and actual mileage. How to know the real mileage of the Hyundai, “prompt” and wear the collector region.

    Diagnostic auto center

    Как узнать реальный пробег автомобиля Хюндай

    How to know twisted if the mileage on the car the Hyundai service center? Maybe the car was purchased through an authorized dealer, and then the task is simplified. Even if the car was imported from abroad, a specialist with the scanner is easy to “read” indications of the onboard computer (they are not erased). In addition to the odometer reading, usually made and date of tehobsluzhivaniya (abroad strictly observed as the time intervals and the mileage).

    The age of cars from North America can be identified by the programs to CarFax and AutoCheck.

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