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How to kill Jason in Friday the 13th: The Game? (VIDEO)

Jason Voorhees death!

It is reported by the magazine PC Gamer, and it is, of course, talking about co-op Friday the 13th: The Game.

The main thing in the game is simply to survive. In the end, it’s Survival horror, right? Yes, and Voorhees is well known for its pathological indestructibility in the movie. And even if you killed him — no, you didn’t kill him. And yet, as it turned out, the opportunity to deal with the villain in a hockey mask in the game.

First you have to get a sweater that belonged to Pamela Voorhees, mother of our maniac, whose voice you can hear in some moments. In addition, you must fulfill all the conditions for the appearance of the character Tommy Jarvis.

So, you’ve reached Tommy on the radio, and he appears in the game, taking the place of one of the dead leaders. Then Jarvis should take away from his Voorhees hockey mask until the other player to stun the fellow, and then carefully bash it with a machete on the head.

Pull all of this together and filmed on video blogger under the pseudonym Kephrii, calling himself the first who managed to defeat Jason. But it is not. The developers at IllFonic and Gun Media told that this has already happened before, in the testing stage of the game.

But Kephrii was the first who was able to record it on video.

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