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How to keep warm and not get sick, if very cold

Как согреться и не заболеть, если сильно замерзлиIn the winter you need to be prepared for any eventuality, including the hypothermia.

To avoid hypothermia, doctors advise to dress “like a cabbage”, don’t wear tight shoes, eat nutritious food and to give up alcohol.

How not to get sick if very cold and wet feet?

If you were cold, move more, to improve circulation and warm the body. Drink hot tea or coffee.

As fast as you can go in a warm room. If you have pale skin, do not RUB it with snow. You can do a light massage with a warm hand, but not gloves, immerse hands in lukewarm water. The recovery process should be gradual, so we can warm up in hot water or near the battery. Do not drink alcohol — it enhances metabolism and provides greater heat transfer.

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When you get home, immediately remove the wet clothes. Wear warm wool or flannel things, cover with a blanket. To restore circulation and fill the body heat will help warm milk or tea.

When severe hypothermia should seek medical attention. If the fever does not go, there was a lethargy and apathy, hallucinations, slowed the pulse and breathing of the person becomes unconscious — call an ambulance.

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