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How to keep out the opposition in the elections: a new way

Как не пустить оппозицию на выборы: новый способ

The United Russia party and associated with the government candidates have adopted a new method of dealing with undesirables. Connected to the case by the courts. The results are unexpected.

Municipal campaign in St. Petersburg continues to set records in its scandal. Fake lines, fights, unmotivated refusals to register and the police standing on the side of the provocateurs is not a complete list of what we have seen. There are new technology: the opposition candidates withdraw from the election through the courts. The plaintiffs — members of United Russia and close to the government team.

— Very stuffy here, just breathe.

It’s because there’s no ventilation, let alone air conditioning!

In the hallway Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg two of the men had a casual conversation. One — Andrew bojcev candidate in the municipal elections in the Foundry district. Other — Stanislav Klinov — the lawyer “Arkansascarla” and the representative of the interests of the plaintiff Ravshanbek Kurbanova.

The last is the acting Deputy municipal education TeenAIDS from the “United Russia”. And advocates for justice, supposedly, why one of the candidates can break the law and not the others? Guided by such principles, Kurbanov has submitted the claim about Bojceva withdrawal from elections because of alleged defects in the documentation submitted in ecme.

According to the United Russia statement of claim (the copy is available on hand “Rosbalt”), bojcev not presented in machineitem the form of a statement of consent to run, as well as data on income and assets. In addition, the candidate has to submit a certificate of work in the company, the CEO which he is. But the authenticity of the document caused Kurbanova doubt.

Itself United Russia in court came, entrusting to represent their interests attorney Klinovo. “Rosbalt” in the hallway of the building of justice asked the lawyer how Kurbanova access to the election documents?

— I am a member of the Commission with deliberative vote. Kurbanov had not seen the documents, he just asked if there were any violations. I told him that Yes, — said the lawyer.

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Already at the hearing, the judge matusyak Tatyana has asked a question: and what, in fact, the interest of Russia to withdraw from the election of an independent candidate?

Legal interest is very simple — it’s the principle of the equality of all candidates. Why one can some documents to bring, and he brought all as expected — until the letters?

— Maybe it’s because the other candidates haven’t checked what he brought? — with skepticism in his voice said the judge.

— Maybe, but my goal is justice, I work with facts — not embarrassed wedges.

Job reference Bojceva also, according to the plaintiff, is a gross violation of the law. Not confused Kurbanov and his representative even extract where bojcev specified by the Director General of the enterprise. Like, it could be a namesake candidate. The fact that there is evidence to EGRUL INN (available for life), the plaintiff also was not convinced.

But convinced the court to satisfy the requirements of United Russia was denied.

The claim about removal Bojceva is not the only thing initiated by Kurbanov. Another application was filed on the fact of registration of the employee of the press center “Rosbalta” Eugenia Wrist, which is put forward from regional branch “Fair Russia”. Claims policy caused a copy of the certificate from her job, allegedly not certified “in any way”. In reality, Kosteva provided in the ecme certificate, which was certified by the stamp of the Agency. The court in this case refused Kurbanova.

According to the United press service of the courts of St. Petersburg, candidates to municipal Council filed more than 30 lawsuits on cancellation of elections of the competitors. Many of the plaintiffs are somehow connected with the government or the ruling party.

For example, in Kuibyshev court asked the candidates Hope Naskidaev and Larisa Umnova. Targets to attack, they chose participants of the project “United Democrats” Andrew Pivovarova and Natalia Gryaznevich. Naskidaev is a military pensioner, Umnov — by the legal counsel of SPb GBU DREAM “Center of social aid to family and children of Admiralteisky district of St. Petersburg”. Judging by the website of the city electoral Committee, both nominated from the “United Russia”.

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Claim Naskidaev caused criminal background Pivovarova, who was found guilty under articles 272 (illegal access to computer information) and 291 (bribery) of the criminal code. According to the plaintiff, the Brewers could point out-of-date information on cancellation of conviction — February 3, 2018 is 3 February 2019. Umnov said that Gryaznevich provided by the municipal election Commission of inaccurate data on income and assets. Later, however, the essence of the claims has changed and has been reduced to five invalid signatures in the documents of the opposition candidate. In both cases, the court refused to satisfy the claims.

A bit more active individual entrepreneur Dmitry Dorosh, which requires you to withdraw from the election just three competitors. At first glance, it has nothing to do with the “United Russia”, and nominated from the party “Rodina”. That’s just the name of Doros can be found on the website of the regional branch of United Russia in the list of participants provisional ballot in 47 the region in 2017. Next to the initials of the businessman specified that he was the supporter of “United Russia”. In this list you can find a single supporter of the EP Vladimir Romanov. In the election, 2019 he tried to cancel the registration of the three candidates. And Dorosh, and Romanov all attempts failed.

Three more lawsuits have been filed by the Deputy head Academic MO and part of the United Alexei Leonov. In 2018, he earned a little more than 1 million rubles. All three lawsuits have not yet been considered by the judge. However, according to the statistics of the last weeks, hope for a positive outcome of the case United Russia is not necessary.


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