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How to improve complexion: 4 steps to beautiful skin

Как улучшить цвет лица: 4 шага к красивой кожеTo maintain a healthy complexion in the conditions of modern life is not easy.

How to make so that in the morning the skin looks rested and radiant health? As a rule, it is recommended 8 hours sleep.

Unfortunately, this is often just not enough for her. However, there are a few simple ways that even after the lack of sleep will help your skin look flawless!

The mask on all night. This is probably the easiest way to Wake up and see morning in the mirror a beautiful, radiant and healthy complexion. Special homemade or store-bought mask that we apply to our skin all night, work comprehensively, which can not be said of those that applied only for 5-10 minutes. They prevent dry skin, leaving it after a few hours of sleep smooth and hydrated.

Vitamin C. Before going to bed, pamper your skin a dose of vitamin C. it acts most Effectively at night when skin is not exposed to sunlight. Vitamin C helps to maintain the production in the skin collagen, which slows down the appearance of wrinkles.

Sleep on cotton pillow itself is very comfortable, but, alas, contributes to a more rapid appearance of wrinkles on the face. To avoid this, change your cotton pillow case for a pillow case made of silk. First, this way you reduce the chance of dents on the face from the pillow, and secondly, the texture of silk material has no such sposobnosti to absorb, like cotton, so you can safely apply before bedtime a mask or a face cream on all night.

Correct posture during sleep. If you sleep on your side or stomach, you will likely Wake up in the morning with swollen eyes. The posture during sleep lead to the fact that blood flows faster flows faster to the eye, with the result that the “swelling” of the eye. If you want always to be fresh in the morning, you better sleep on your back. Not be amiss to put under your head with an extra pillow. Don’t forget about using eye cream.

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