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How to help yourself with urolithiasis

Как помочь себе при мочекаменной болезниThe experts shared their recommendations regarding the treatment of kidney stones at home.

The bladder stones are formed not in one day. The reason for their development can be events such as excess of salts and deficiency of urinary colloids. Man can some time not even be aware that he is ill. And the first symptoms appear at the time when the stones start coming out of the bladder, because this process is very painful.

The first symptom of kidney stones is severe pain in the lumbar region radiating down to the abdomen. After the manifestation of this symptom should seek help from doctors. The stones can grow to such proportions that out alone will not and the person will require surgery, during which doctors will clean the bladder and its ducts from stones.

Traditional medicine will help only in case if the kidney stones only started to develop and the stones are still very young. With the help of proper nutrition, as well as decoctions of herbs can at home to turn these stones into sand or softening them so that they do not cause discomfort and pain. The self can’t be correct from the point of view of medicine, but these methods have a right to exist, as has already helped more than one person:

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1. Drink plenty of water. Urolithiasis should increase fluid intake to urinary system actively worked and didn’t break the stones formed in the urinary bladder.

2. A decoction of rose hips has powerful diuretic properties. This drink is completely harmless in the treatment of urolithiasis. But you need to complement it not to forget about simple water, because dog rose decoction removes excess fluid from the body, which can lead to dehydration, which to prevent is not recommended.

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3. To limit the amount of salt consumed. Salt retains water and thereby inhibits the process of the bladder, which adversely urolithiasis.

4. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, possess diuretic properties.

5. Infusion of knotweed. Dried herb can be buy in the drugstore, it’s a cheap tool that has the unique ability to break and grind stones in the bladder. For making miraculous infusion you will need a thermos 200 ml of boiling water and 1 tsp of knotweed. The grass fall asleep in a thermos and pour boiling water, leave for a day and then dividing into three equal parts, drink one part for half an hour before meals.

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