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How to help yourself in case of a breakdown

Как помочь самому себе при упадке сил Scientists gave some practical advice to those who feel it’s about to fall down.

The concept of “breakdown” often POPs up in our heads. Moreover, there is no difference in who is working where and doing what, who has what kind of family and material wealth. Tired can every. Psychologists say that most people with fatigue have a psychological problem and get them out of this state alone is extremely difficult and perhaps even impossible.

If we talk about the number of people suffering from lack of energy, we will come to the conclusion that this is approximately half of the population of the entire planet. Tired all different and the causes for fatigue each their own, but in a bad mood, physical weakness and apathy is a concept common to those who feel that the forces leave it.

It turns out that the problem is not so serious and it can be solved in the next few days, if you start hard to act following the advice from the experts:

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1. To strengthen our own immune system. Doctors say that the immune system constantly is in the active phase and almost never resting. But when a person is aware of the fact that it cannot and does not want to deal with here, we talking about a weakened immune system. Therefore, in the course needs to go the vitamins, what you choose for yourself it doesn’t matter, as long as the body receives the required dose of nutrients daily.

2. To begin to eat properly. To some extent, this is the first step towards a strong immune system, but not only. By eating the right foods people immediately become healthier, more active physically and mentally stronger. In the absence of dietary products which contain a lot of fat and calories, will immediately affect the well-being of the person.

3. Drink plenty of water. When the body lack of water, dehydration occurs and the strength slowly leave a person. Not tolerance of dehydration because the skin withers and dries up, and this is another additional and intractable problem, so it is best not to aggravate and drink at least two liters of water a day.

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4. Become a physically active person. When there is no power to get out of bed, of course, and thoughts arise about Jogging on, for example, snow-covered streets. Experts advise to start small and to do exercises in bed or sitting at a Desk. To work or study to walk, if close, and in the case of a long journey to your destination, you can go 1-2 stops early and still walk. In the evening after dinner go for a walk will be helpful not only to regain power, and in order to maintain the shape and not to meet with the insomnia.

5. To sleep. First a walk and then go to bed no later than 22:00. So you will be able to sleep and in the morning after a shower and charge to feel that power slowly, but returned.

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