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How to help your body Wake up faster

Как помочь своему организму быстрее проснуться Gain vigor a cloudy morning will help massage

To help your body Wake up faster and look fresher and more beautiful is to perform a few simple exercises without getting out of bed. This advice the doctor gave Victoria Savitskaya.

During sleep all body processes slow down, even the blood starts to circulate more slowly. It is not surprising that, just getting out of bed, hard to focus, something to plan and tune in a working day. To accelerate your body, and at the same time to help him Wake up to help very simple exercise.

In the morning to an alarm clock does not always want to get up. Therefore do not make yourself unnecessary stress and do not rush to get up from the bed – expert advice – best to keep the clock for 15 minutes earlier than the desired time, and give yourself time to luxuriate in bed, slowly waking up. Firstly, because the day will begin with something nice, and secondly, the process of awakening can be done much more effective if a few simple exercises.

“Before you finally get out of bed, close your eyes and massage your eyelids with light circular movements. 30 seconds will be enough to improve circulation, relieve edema of the lungs after sleep and Wake up the nervous system. Place the palms on the face, so that the big toes were a few inches from the ears. Now move your finger to the depression behind the ear, careful not to move the palm of your hand with slight pressure, begin to massage the face from top to bottom. Go from the temples to the chin at least 15-20 times – gets the blood moving and will be an excellent prevention of wrinkles.

Then perlage exactly on your back, stretch your arms and legs, fasten the body. Now gently pull your right leg to the stomach, bending it at the knee, pressed and retained in this position for 10 seconds. Again pull, relax, repeat with the other leg. And so 10 times. It is a great prevention and effective exercise from the stagnation of bile, which will improve lymphatic flow to the stomach, normalize digestion and improve blood circulation in the pelvis and genitourinary system,” says the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

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