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How to get rid of stretch marks without surgical cosmetology

Как избавиться от растяжек без хирургической косметологииCosmetologists from France was named the best remedy for stretch marks on the skin.

French beauticians recommend to carefully care for the skin. Because stretch marks in women may occur not only after birth but also in the loss of natural elasticity.

Experts have called six tools that you can use at home.

Aloe Vera. This plant has the ability to remove the small stretch marks in the upper layers of the skin, beautifully restoring elasticity. But you need more than a gel based on aloe Vera, but the plant itself. Needed to cut the sheet, remove the top layer and squeeze the pulp to a state of gel. The resulting solution should massage into the appropriate area of the body daily until until the stretch marks disappear.

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Vegetable oils. Coconut, castor, and even olive oil have the ability to moisturize the skin and smooth out wrinkles. These properties of vegetable oils say that they are a good fit and to rid the skin of stretch marks. Heat a little olive oil and massage into the skin before bedtime. The next morning you need to wash the area with warm water and soap.

Egg whites. Proteins are very useful in the fight against stretch marks on the skin. Collect the whites from two individuals mix and a thin layer is put on the stretch. Wait until they are completely dry, and then rinse with water and apply a moisturizing olive oil.

Lemons. Being acidic in nature lemons have bleaching properties. Lemon juice is one of the most effective means to bleach the stretch marks. Cut the lemon, press the juice and massage into the problem areas of the skin. Keep on the skin for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

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Humidifiers .Regular use of moisturizers has positive effects on the skin in terms of elasticity, reducing the severity of stretch marks. Use one or two of moisturizer with coconut oil or aloe Vera.

Vitamin E. Has antioxidant properties, which initially allows you to prevent the damage of collagen that cause skin injuries. If you have longstanding stretch marks, try massaging movements to RUB the oil with vitamin E into your skin regularly.

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