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How to get rid of back pain: effective folk remedies

Как избавиться от болей в спине: эффективные народные средстваWhat foods will help get rid of back pain.

Sounds absurd, but eating right can really help you to get rid of back pain.

Back pain bring suffering to each of us, especially in autumn and winter, when the shoulders and back pushing the weight of the upper garment. And public transport only adds to the tension. Another factor that exacerbates back pain and lower back pain is stress, which is hard to remove in the fall, when everything is gray and gloomy.

But you can get rid of back pain and lower back pain. Studies show that some foods can suppress inflammation which contributes to some types of back pain, particularly associated with bouts of arthritis, stress and fatigue.

What to eat to get rid of back pain:

1. Olive oil: some studies show that 1 tsp of olive oil per day helps reduce muscle pain and tension in my back.

2. Canned sea fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel, sprats, tuna in its own juice or oil): phosphorus, protein and omega-3 poly-and monounsaturated fatty acids help to get rid of stress and are the ideal substances for muscle recovery.

3. Flaxseed and walnuts: a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent attacks of arthritis and protect muscles from mechanical damage.

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4. Vegetable protein (e.g. soy): helps to maintain fluid balance in the muscles, preventing pain caused by excessive stress, both physical and moral.

5. Vegetables and fruits of all kinds (canned or frozen will work, but without syrup, sauces or large amounts of salt): saturate the body with soluble and insoluble fibers that promote healthy digestion and absorption of necessary for your muscles minerals from other products.

6. Nuts of all kinds: also contain protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which allow the muscles to recover after hard work.

7. Green tea: relieves stress and adds energy.

8. Ginger: improves immunity, relieves stress and fatigue, helps muscles relax, promotes better blood circulation. it all helps to get rid of back pain. Try brewing a little grated ginger root in boiling water and drink it as tea or lemonade. Proved that daily consumption of tea with ginger helps to improve overall health.

In addition to the products that help get rid of back pain, there are a number of products which aggravate muscle pain.

If you’re plagued by back pain, reduce the consumption of these products:

1. Some vegetable oils (corn, sunflower, cottonseed, or “mixed”): some vegetable oil raise “bad” cholesterol in the blood and lead to cholesterol plaques. In turn, these plaques block the blood and do not allow it to circulate normally in the muscles.

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2. Margarine also has no benefits for the body.

3. Fast food: foods rich in TRANS fats, often lead to higher levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, which causes pain, tension in the thoracic back and lower back.

4. Foods that contain a lot of fructose (like corn syrup): fructose may cause an increase in insulin production, which naturally is harmful to your health. Excessive consumption of fructose can lead to bouts of osteoarthritis and back pain.

5. Foods high in saturated fats (red meat, palm oil, fatty dairy products): increase the level of cholesterol in the blood and lead to muscular aches.

Vitamin D deficiency, vitamin sun, can contribute to frequent back pain. In one study, conducted by American scientists, the doctors discovered a vitamin D deficiency in 80% of people aged between 15 and 52 with chronic back pain. Therefore, scientists recommend more walk in the sun or eat foods rich in vitamin D.

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