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How to gain weight for those who do not eat meat

Как набрать вес тем, кто не ест мясаNutritionists explained how vegetarians to gain the missing weight.

Vegetarians are often faced with a problem like weight loss. They’re not doing anything in order to become easier, but the weight goes, and the reason for this is the absence in the diet of animal proteins and also fats and amino acids. Vegans even harder, because they, unlike vegetarians, they don’t even consume dairy products, not to mention meat, fish, eggs and seafood.

Nutritionists say that observing a vegetarian diet you can gain weight, but it should:

To increase the caloric content of food. An adult person needs daily to consume 2-2,5 thousand calories, and if he needs to get better, experts recommend to add to a daily rate of 500 kcal.

Eat more protein foods. Of course, in proteins of animal origin contain all the essential amino acids and many believe that the herbal products they are not. They are mistaken, as there are among the “gifts of nature” complete protein sources – legumes, dairy products, soybeans, quinoa. Also, in the solid cheese and pasta from durum wheat, and brown rice contain defective proteins, but with the simultaneous use of these products in the body gets as much as nine essential amino acids.

We must not forget about carbohydrates and fats that help you to gain weight. The highest amount of carbohydrate found in breads, potatoes, pasta, beans and all cereals. And healthy fats you’ll find in vegetable oils, avocado, nuts, cheese, and so on.

By the way, if a vegetarian is actively involved in sports, then he needs to eat more high-calorie than those who lead a “sedentary” lifestyle.

Important, according to nutritionists, not to be idle in a situation when because of the nutrition and vegetarianism a person loses essential for health pounds. Be sure to contact the experts in case if you can’t get better and closer to anorexia.

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