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How to find out what your body lacks water

Как узнать, что вашему организму не хватает водыOn these grounds you will be able to determine when to drink a glass of water.

Scientists still argue about how much water you should drink during the day. By far the most popular requirement is the use of 30 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight. According to experts, this amount would be enough to replenish the necessary fluids for the body and avoid dehydration.

Not all people can drink water in such amount as recommended by doctors, but and dehydration to prevent don’t want, because it is fraught with premature aging and other effects.

Especially for all the doctors called the characteristic of water deficit symptoms:

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– dryness of the mouth;

– reduced amount of urine and its darkening;

– feeling tired, due to the fact that the blood is not receiving oxygen, and thus dehydrated;

– dry eyes and itching in the eyes;

– flaky, dry skin;

– thirst;

– unpleasant and even painful sensations in the joints;

– heart begins to beat significantly more often than before;

– constipation and other digestive problems;

– reduction and weakening of the muscles of the body.

Some of these symptoms appear when the body is experiencing an acute shortage of the liquid. Others appear even then, when the process of dehydration.

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It should be noted that water deficit leads to a deterioration in blood circulation and oxygenation of cells, so often the man who neglects the advice of doctors, and doesn’t drink enough water, risks to get such health problems as poor memory, reduced mental activity, premature aging, weakened immunity and so on.

As soon as you experience one of the above signs of lack of fluids in the body, just drink one glass of mineral water without gas.

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