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How to find out if you have kidney problems

Как узнать, что у вас проблемы с почкамиDoctors told about the symptoms that you need to pay attention in the first place.

You know this saying: “Late to drink Borzhomi when kidneys refused.” Here’s what it is!

It is therefore essential to identify the problems then, when they are neither chronic nor fatal.

For these 12 signs, you can easily time to understand, what is wrong and to take the necessary steps!

Symptom 1: Dizziness and loss of concentration

If you noticed that increasingly in the eyes of something floating, my head does not think clearly and starts to spin – that is a good reason. In particular, it may be anemia caused by renal diseases. The brain loses oxygen, and the result is often dizziness, inability to collect his thoughts, absent-mindedness and forgetfulness. Do not leave this case without attention and think that will cure itself.

Symptom 2: skin Problems

When the skin itches and itches, and on its surface there are abundant rash, this is a clear indication that the body that something is wrong. Why is this happening? Your kidneys are not withdrawn fluid from the body, which blood formed by the accumulation of waste.

Symptom 3: High blood pressure

One of the signs of kidney failure is a difficult-to-control hypertension. Generally high blood pressure is always caused by some problem in your body, therefore it is better to get tested. And the sooner the better.

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Symptom 4: Shortness Of Breath

If you have a hard translating breath, then, most likely, with kidney trouble. And there are two options: the first fluid accumulates in the lungs, leading to breathing problems, and second, as has been sounded above – anemia.

Symptom 5: Pain in the legs

Surprisingly, it was the leg pain – one of the most compelling indicators that a kidney is something wrong. It can be a pain in the lower back, flank or legs. Usually such pain is causing the cyst, which is a consequence of polycystic kidney disease. Less serious but no less unpleasant the prognosis is kidney stones. In any case, a trip to the doctor is mandatory.

Symptom 6: Swelling

The kidneys must cleanse the body regularly and remove from it excess liquid. Failures in their functioning lead to fluid retention and accumulation it in the body. The result of this failure becomes swelling of hands, feet, ankles and even face.

Symptom 7: The Chills

If you develop kidney disease you may feel cold in the extremities and the inability to stay warm even in the heat. This condition – a clear sign of the existing problems with the urinary system. And the reason again lies in anemia. Healthy kidneys produce the hormone that allows you to form a sufficient number of red blood cells. In kidney patients this is not happening.

Symptom 8: Loss of appetite

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By itself, the loss of appetite is not always harmful, and sometimes even useful, especially if you can’t lose weight. But in company with some of the other signs, it is not fun, but rather a reason to think.

Symptom 9: an Unpleasant taste and smell of acetone breath

When expressed kidney failure in the body is delayed urea and other harmful substances. Hence the odor of ammonia and also a metallic taste in the mouth. With these symptoms not to be trifled with.

Symptom 10: Problems during urination

If you have the slightest difficulty with urination, you feel hurt, pain or pressure in the process, such clear symptoms to respond to treatment to a specialist. The same applies to the color, appearance, fluid and frequency of urination. Any foam, blood or vesicular selection require early medical intervention.

Symptom 11: the Fatigue and weakness

This is one of the early symptoms of kidney disease. A shortage of red blood cells provokes weary, somnambulistic state even at low loads. Therefore if you lead a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, but not sleep, it is a calling from your kidneys!

12 symptom: Nausea and vomiting

The increase in the number of toxins in the blood leads to poisoning of the whole organism, and thus to the appearance of nausea and attempts to get rid of this “garbage” with vomiting.

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