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How to find a job in the journalism field in 2017?

Как найти работу в сфере журналистики в 2017 году?2016 turned out to be difficult for the Russians. The economic crisis of the previous year affected all sectors of the economy. The data of monthly monitoring of the Institute of social analysis and forecasting in November 2016 showed that 27.5% of the population consider themselves affected by the crisis.

The main problem is the loss of large outstanding payroll. Specialists in the field of journalism was among those who, to the maximum extent aware of all the negativity of the situation. But experts on job search are encouraged to change despair to the package of measures that will help to get out of financial deadlock and creative stagnation.

Step 1. To adjust the perception of reality.

Especially advised to reconsider their attitude to the current situation. “Loss of jobs” in their own perception of reality is replaced by “time, the possibility to change the activity”. Contemporary work in the field of journalism moves from periodicals on paper in activity on the Internet. Active journalists are creating their own websites, blogs, rating social networks or offer their work for online publications as a freelance journalist.

Step 2. “Modernize” the vision of the profession.

Talented and sincerely wishing to stay in the work with the word may be considering a new profession that will allow you to maintain a decent level of their income.

Copywriter, rewriter, SEO-copywriter is a relatively new profession in the Russian labour market. They are good because they allow you to earn from the comfort of home. The growing demand for these professionals is considering the possibility of remote work. While at the computer in a small Russian town, you can actively work on the capital and even the international company, which regularly transfers wages to the employee.

Copywriter-translator. Mastering a foreign language (currently actively require copywriters with knowledge of English and Chinese languages), it is possible to create selling texts for foreign companies, receiving payments in freely convertible currency.

Proofreader, editor. Such vacancies occur on the sites for employment, for example, Jobsora, but they are mainly in the Metropolitan regions and do not consider remote employment.

Work in television and radio companies can accrue to those who master progressive program of video editing / sound, layout of a magazine / newspaper. The proposal of this work can be found on the portals for job search and on the websites of TV and radio companies.

Professional photographers will develop a private practice, creating photographs for private orders, participating in ad hoc projects, various publications, becoming employees of international companies-importers of goods to the Russian market. Active job seekers in the means of communication you should send to a website of interest to an employer CV and portfolio.

Step 3. To be the annual retreat, to take off.

Job finds one who wants to work. This year showed that success in employment comes to those who are willing to change, to expand their functional range, to continuously learn and master new skills. Experts recommend to consider all proposals received not only from the point of view of today, but also with an eye to the future. Perhaps now the employer can offer 30% less than the expected income, but it definitely should specify term financial growth: increase of salary, the payment of premiums or bonuses.

If the employer is offering a substantial compensation package (medical insurance, paying for meals, compensation for use of own car or provision of official transport, tuition), it is necessary to monetize the proposed benefits and add them to an expected financial income. So will not miss a really good offer.

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