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How to find a job in crypto world: Trsut in BTC specialist shows the way

The advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has created a whole bunch of new professions that no one heard of literally ten years ago. There are undoubtedly a number of positive aspects to this. Firstly, there is a chance to literally stand at the origins of a new direction, despite the fact that initially everyone is in almost equal conditions. Secondly, most of the vacancies in this area allow you to work remotely from anywhere in the world, which is especially important during a pandemic. And thirdly, in most cases, work in the crypto industry brings a very good income, thanks to the impressive pace of development of the digital world. The leading specialist of the Trust in BTC ( fund Anna Voychek spoke about the possibilities of making money in this niche.

The leaders in terms of demand are technical specialists. Blockchain has long expanded beyond the cryptocurrency market and projects based on it can be found in a wide variety of areas. Until now, demand far exceeds supply and it looks like it will only increase over time. And this despite the fact that so far there is no detailed standardized course of study in this specialty, which means that to enter the elite of “blockchain brains” there are enough applied skills without diplomas from prestigious universities. A separate area is security specialists, who are literally hunted by leading cryptocurrency exchanges after several sensational hacking stories.

With the growth of the bitcoin rate, the talks about the profitability of mining started again. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to mine anything significant alone at home, but the giants of the industry always need qualified employees. Complex equipment requires careful tuning, constant monitoring and performance checks, so that maintenance specialists for cryptocurrency mining farms will also not be left without work for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the “working” professions, the crypto world is in dire need of talented communicators capable of describing rather complex technical phenomena in simple words. We are talking about journalists and copywriters who are able to convey to the general public the basic ideas and principles of functioning of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general. Trust in BTC clients’ feedback indicates that the main reason for distrust in digital assets is a banal misunderstanding, which the authors of the texts will have to fight with. At first glance a simple task requires a harmonious combination of a technical mindset and purely humanitarian skills. Unfortunately, so far this is the least profitable activity in financial terms (although it all depends on the level of a specialist), but, on the other hand, it is the easiest and fastest in terms of search and employment.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about trading and everything connected with it. You can trade on your own, or become part of a team of professionals in an investment fund. As with technicians, proven effectiveness, practical knowledge of the market, specific intuition and very little luck are key here.

Trust in Bitcoin pays special attention to competent consulting of clients by professional analysts. Unlike traders, cryptanalysts are concerned with cold calculation because they rely solely on facts and statistics in their activities. Despite the youth of the cryptocurrency market, a solid number of fundamental works have already been written explaining the laws of its functioning. Understanding these laws gives the key to accurate forecasting, which is the basis for the development of any company, as well as the market as a whole. A correct assessment of the financial situation allows you to avoid losses and wrong investment steps, thanks to a thorough analysis of the potential of existing assets and future ICOs. A crypto analyst, perhaps, understands the life of the world of digital currencies best of all, and competent specialists in this field are worth their weight in gold, including digital.

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