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How to extract coffee max health benefits

Как извлечь из кофе максимум пользы для здоровьяGood coffee will only benefit.

Many deny themselves the pleasure to drink an extra Cup of coffee out of fear that the aromatic and invigorating drink is injurious to health. It is not so.

Numerous studies have led to surprising conclusions. the coffee lovers in General, healthier than those who don’t drink — thanks to a shock dose of antioxidants and other chemical compounds contained in the beans. And in order to squeeze the maximum benefit, you only need to know a few thin moments.

Quality control

Quality is an important characteristic for any product, and coffee is no exception. Unfortunately, it is often among the Champions of the pesticides. In order not to feel harmful effects, be sure to carefully choose grains. When purchasing, pay attention to what is written on the label: the right words — “organic” (organic) and “single origin” (single-origin).

If you like to buy coffee to go, make a choice in favor of small coffee houses: they often buy grain in small quantities, and therefore can not afford to skimp on quality. This coffee is not only more useful, but at times tastier than the one to which you are accustomed.

Methods of preparation

In the world there are many ways of making coffee. Among them, it is impossible to distinguish the best – but there are those that are best avoided. Standard drip coffee machines are made mostly of plastic. And because of the high water temperature during brewing coffee microparticles of plastic will inevitably fall into your Cup. They are a bad influence on the endocrine system and may cause hormonal imbalance. The best way to brew coffee in a French press. If you prefer a strong drink, pay attention to quality machines for espresso.

Those who have a sensitive stomach, you can try to brew ground beans in cold water. Of course, it takes a lot of time (the drink should infuse in a cool dark place 12 to 24 hours), but in the end your coffee will be too sour or bitter, and will be perfectly refreshed in the summer heat
The right time

Caffeine is excreted within a few hours, so if you have trouble sleeping, do not drink coffee later 14-00. In addition, it is not recommended to consume this drink on an empty stomach and after sports training.
But before going to the gym, on the contrary, the Cup of espresso or a Cup of Americano will be very useful.

The fact that coffee speeds up metabolism and helps burn fat. This occurs because caffeine stimulates the production of cortisol: it is better if the level will be higher during the workout, not after, when it provokes the appearance of excess weight.


Those who care about their health, are probably familiar with the detox firsthand. And a Cup of coffee to cope with it not worse than juices and smoothies. Chemical compounds contained in the product cleanses the intestines — not without reason, many detox programs include such exotic procedure, as the coffee enema.

The perfect couple

It is no secret that some substances better “work” in pairs: for example, carrot juice is recommended to use with cream – so the body absorbs more nutrients. Coffee also has several of these “partners” that will allow you to get the maximum benefit from the drink.

The perfect company for him are milk, eggs, and fresh fruit — scrambled eggs and fruit salad (by the way, is a great option for Breakfast) greatly prolong the invigorating effect of a Cup of coffee.

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