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How to entertain guests? You need a “Massacre at a party in the garden”! (TRAILER)

There was a trailer for the horror Comedy “Massacre at the party in the garden”. The name sonorous and familiar. Well, not so long ago we parali the video “Massacre on the pool party”. If anything, the creators of the paintings is different. Apparently, just joined this party trend for low-budget horror. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

By the way, the differences I immediately noticed. If the trailer of the first movie we dumped liters of blood, a pile of guts and other fun, highlighting the cheapness and old-school trasvesti tape, there is the creators first attempt at a clean (not stained innards) Comedy: actors joke and a little grimace, as if parodying skits from sitcoms. Fortunately, in the end everything flows into the dashing carnage, so maybe this movie is worth viewing.

In fact, the synopsis was very laconic:

The film describes another depressing party in the backyard with hot dogs and stupid jokes between neighbors. Soon, however, BBQ is claimed by a stranger with a pick, and it saves the day! The real fun begins, and a bloody massacre!

Unlike the basin slasher here characters are just guests. The idea is that the tape should resemble a parody Comedy of horrors like “a Zombie named Sean,” but you’re a little different, very very low-budget level. But however, looks quite watchable.

Director and script writer of the film was made by Gregory Blair. Being mostly an actor, he is present in the caste of his film. In addition, you can see there Andy Freeman (from the TV series “Grimm”), Nicole Bagby and real thrash veterans on Botox 63-year-old don Lee Heising.

Shooting “Massacre at the party in the garden” has been completed and now the creators are going to run the picture at film festivals, and then already to solve the issue with the release.

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