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How to eat healthy despite a tight budget

Как питаться правильно, несмотря на ограниченный бюджетA program of proper nutrition require a sufficiently large spending on products that not everyone can master.

Often when I see a menu in advance for proper nutrition, you know that its introduction into your life, you will have to pay a lot of money, after all, avocado, red fish, tomatoes and cucumbers in winter are worth a lot of money. And this amount is, unfortunately, hits the budget of many of our compatriots. Is it possible to organize proper nutrition more budget? The answer is Yes. For this you just need to observe some rules.

Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits

To eat well and correctly, need to buy fruits and vegetables that grow in our area. It is useful and inexpensive. This task is no problem in the summer and autumn, when on the market you can find everything that your heart desires. In winter it becomes more difficult, but in warehouses still have inventory in the fall, and they still contain nutrients. The only time when you will not be able to save money on vegetables and fruit — this spring, even as the rest of our products already have nothing useful. Therefore, in this period, to buy imports from countries where the crop is harvested several times a year. Yes, it’s not quite budget, however, it is necessary for your body.

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If in spring you don’t have enough money to buy vegetables, fill up on herbs (parsley, dill, lettuce). They contain a lot of necessary body elements, and the price is quite affordable for everyone.

Cereals and beans

Grains and beans can replace many fashion ingredients of proper nutrition. For example, the popular quinoa can be replaced with lentils and gorbachami. And the need for fiber will perfectly fill up one of those new breads and bars, and buckwheat, polenta and barley. Cook buckwheat with chicken fillet, corn, salty cheese, and barley with mushrooms, and you get great healthy and inexpensive meals that you can safely make to a healthy diet.

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Correct snacking

Another issue of proper nutrition is snacking. Classic menu and offer to make sandwiches with salmon, avocado, or drink yogurt and eat fruit. In fact all true. However, the salmon you can substitute low-fat cheese or home baked ham, avocado replace Greek nuts or carrots, yogurt can be done from home, and if it is not possible to buy him a yogurt. As for the fruit in the saving mode to limit apples and bananas.

Another need for a budget nutrition — self-cooking. First, you’ll always know what to put in a particular dish, and secondly, it will always be cheaper than buying ready meals. Moreover, the preparation of meals for a proper diet will not take you a lot of time and effort, because all dishes are cooked or baked in the oven. And it’s much easier and faster than doing burgers or fried potatoes.

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