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How to eat after intestinal poisoning

Как правильно питаться после кишечного отравленияPhysicians insist that after poisoning, the patient adhered to the diet diet.

Food poisoning can happen at any time as an adult and a child, and from it nobody is insured. Often turn to doctors people who do not observe rules of personal hygiene, that is, those who don’t wash hands before eating, or the food yourself. There are cases of mushroom poisoning, alcohol and other products to which handwashing is irrelevant, because they were poisonous or infected with microorganisms.

The biggest mistake companies is that after the elimination of signs of poisoning patients once again begin to feed as before. They do not respect the elementary rules of supply, which would have to adhere to, so that the body was easier to recover from intestinal poisoning.

When the intestines fall toxins and the poisoning, its walls become inflamed, so use some product groups, possessing irritating properties, and is not recommended. To food poisoning after doctors advise to apply to more than carefully.

How to eat after intestinal poisoning:

the first day should refrain from eating altogether and drink only water;

– from the second day and for several weeks the patient need to spare your tract and to eat low-calorie foods in very small doses;

– it is desirable to grind food prior to consumption, that is, to bring it to the consistency of mashed potatoes;

drink weak tea better without sugar;

– it is useful the use of broth hips;

– lean on cereals, after poisoning the most suitable are rice, oats, buckwheat;

instead of muffins and fresh bread doctors allowed to eat crackers;

vegetarian soup or chicken broth, but no veggies;

– fruits and vegetables should be boiled or baked in the oven, we shouldn’t eat them raw, because they contain a components, irritating the already affected mucous membranes of the intestinal walls;

– at the time forget about the sweets, confectionery products, creams, chocolate and other products, since anything useful, they will not get it.

To adhere to dietary diet doctors advise at least two weeks. In some cases, a person can lose a few pounds, but if the patient was normal weight before the poisoning, then he should not worry because in the near future it will recover again.

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