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How to earn teachers in Ukraine

Сколько зарабатывают учителя на Украине

The average salary of teachers for the last 24 years was below the average wage in Ukraine.

Journalists 24 channels found by examining the data of the State statistics service of Ukraine dynamics of average monthly wages by kinds of economic activities in 1995-2018.

We have the following results: teachers ‘ wages ranged from 73 to 97% of the average wage in the country. 97% and 94% in 1995 and 1996, is the highest. Then they fell to 68% in 2000 – then teachers received an average of 156 hryvnia against 230 in the country. By 2010, the percentage of teachers ‘ salaries in comparison with average for Ukraine has increased to 84%, it was 1889 “teaching” vs 2239 UAH UAH average s/n And the last 8 years, the percentage of teachers ‘ salaries hovers around 75-80% of the average Ukrainian salary.

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