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How to drink water during the summer heat

Как правильно пить воду во время летнего знояHow to drink water to maintain fluid balance in the body?

Water is the source of life. For anybody not a secret that the human body on 80% consists of water. Therefore, the water participates in all metabolic processes of the body, but insufficient water consumption might slow them down. Let’s see together how we need water for sharing in our body, especially in the hot season.

Water protects against dehydration

Water is involved in metabolic process, that is, it is necessary for proper metabolism. Adequate amounts of water maintains optimum moisture balance in the body and is necessary for normal functioning of fat cells. With sufficient consumption of water in the fat cells cellulite accumulate less and the skin looks healthy and toned.

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The water protects from the unhealthy sense of hunger

Do you have sometimes after a hearty meal, soon again want to eat? Most likely, the body lacks of fluid, and begins to give the wrong signals. We have falling efficiency, somnolence and somehow we again want to snack on something tasty. Drink a glass of water, and an imaginary feeling of appetite will be. And the lack of water in the body decreases production of specific growth hormone – somatropin. This hormone is involved in the fat burning process.

How to drink water

That water has only brought benefits to the body, it is necessary to observe the correct drinking regime:

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Drink 1 glass of water immediately after waking up should be included in your daily habit. Water “runs” the body’s metabolic process and sets it to a different rhythm of work. Add the water a teaspoon of lemon juice and you will get a real vitamin cocktail!

Half an hour before each meal should drink 1 glass of water. It will dull the feeling of hunger and will not allow you to overeat, and will also prepare the gastrointestinal tract for digestion.

Remember that coffee, tea, juices, compotes and other beverages not considered to be water. And the coffee has a strong diuretic effect, therefore nutritionists recommend each drank a Cup of coffee to make up 1 Cup of water.

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