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How to determine the type of prosthesis?

Протезирование зубовSubstrategies prosthetics prosthetics combines a few techniques, which aim at the replacement of missing teeth. Experts recommend to promptly resolve the issue and fill a “void”. In addition to aesthetic considerations, this would help in future to avoid incorrect bite, crooked teeth and bone deficit. What are dentures and how to make the right choice will be discussed further.


This technique is the cheapest method to restore the lost unit, this is especially true for fully edentulous patients. The name is easy to understand what a given product. It is easy to remove and put on again at home. Depending on financial possibilities, experts can offer different types of prostheses that differ in the material. Popular are acrylic, clasp or nylon products. Usually this option is chosen, older people with a limited budget.

Non-removable dentures

This group brings together bridge designs, crowns, veneers, Lumineers or dental inserts. The choice of a particular prosthesis depends on the initial state of your teeth, presence of comorbidities, deviations in the oral cavity, etc. the Majority of dental clinics, for example, as here, the denture carefully considered, that is, together with the patient choose the color of the future enamel, size, shape of the artificial tooth, the method of fixation and other features.

Also, there is another type of denture – conditionally removable dentures, they are used in a partial lack of units. Such products may be removed only at the dentist’s office.

How to make the right choice

To determine the model and type of teeth prosthesis will help you in the dental center. To name the best method of restoring teeth, not knowing your situation, quite difficult. With a limited budget professionals can advise removable product, a little costly to fixed prosthetic options. For 100% reliability of fixing and achieve the maximum aesthetic level is recommended a removable prosthesis based on implants.

The price will also depend on individual characteristics such as material design, the number of missing units, selected methods of recovery units, etc.

Fabrication and installation

Initially you should verify the absence of contraindications. The patient will undergo a series of diagnostic procedures (laboratory and instrumental). The algorithm of the prosthetic teeth may vary slightly, depending on the type of product. In General, it looks like this:

  • Sanitation of the oral cavity, professional removal of plaque and Tartar.
  • Impression for fabrication of the prosthesis.
  • Fitting.
  • The final installation is.

Hygiene procedures

To the prosthesis remained intact, it is important to conduct daily hygienic measures. If the product is removable – at night it is placed in a special solution, before each donning it needs to be cleaned using a soft brush and water. For non-removable prostheses care as for natural teeth:

  • Thorough cleansing twice a day with a brush and paste.
  • The use of the irrigator.
  • After every meal use mouthwash.
  • Every 6 months visit to the dental office for professional cleaning using ultrasound.
  • After consuming staining foods be sure to rinse your mouth with water to avoid color change artificial enamel.

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