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How to determine the temperament of a woman to alcohol, which she prefers

Как определить темперамент женщины по алкоголю, который она предпочитаетMen on the note.

Choice girl alcohol on a first date can tell a lot about her character and habits, as well as to tell the man what to expect from it.

How to read the preferences of women with respect to alcohol.

So, if a girl likes champagne, then most likely she is a fan of colourful party and loves to laugh. She prefers older men, but marriage can change.

Vodka choose ladies with a strong character. As a rule, get such very difficult. During the meeting, they prefer to hide their desires by acting straight.

Those who during a romantic dinner, order a cognac, need warmth, care and affection. Often the beverage of choice of middle-aged women. If a man will start to give this lady attention and will reveal the secrets of her soul, it is quite possible that she will fall in love with him fervently and passionately. However, after brandy get drunk quickly, what do not forget the Cavaliers and not to overdo it with treats.

Whisky is a drink confident women that do not know the word “systems”. Knocking over a glass or two, they become unpredictable, and nobody knows what she’ll remember in the morning, waking up in bed with new friends.

But “explosive” ladies temperament would not refuse a glass of tequila, which will further inflame their already hot Nauru.

Red wine prefer the emotional and passionate nature. They are kept outwardly, but inside they have a volcano. Get drunk these girls slowly, and when drunk, just unique.

At the same time white wine is a favorite drink socialite, cold, reserved and calculating. Get them almost impossible.

Home and caring ladies choose liqueur. Actions careful and almost always stay sober. So women should give expensive gifts.

But the most democratic beverage, beer, choosing girls, who are accustomed not to bother about without. They are companions for all occasions: support at work, calm in times of mental anguish.

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