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How to determine the body temperature without a thermometer

Как определить температуру тела без градусникаIt happens that the thermometer is not at hand, a body temperature, an urgent need to measure.

Anyone has ever been in a situation where an urgent need to measure the body temperature, and a thermometer, unfortunately, is not at hand. In this case you should know how to do it with improvised means, using the advice of traditional healers and just experienced people.

The easiest and most popular method is to attach a hand to his forehead. Surely each of us has gone through this procedure in childhood, getting flushed from the active games in the field of view mom or grandmother. If a person has a normal temperature, a touch will immediately show that the second person has a fever.

Also check temperature, if applied to the forehead, the lips or the eyelids are areas of the body with the most delicate skin, which instantly reacts to any temperature changes.

To determine body temperature at the same: you need to fold their hands, forming a “bowl” and bring it to the mouth. Then you need to exhale it. When you have high temperature, you immediately catch the heat of the edges of the nose.

Another way to measure yourself without help body temperature — by using his pulse. It is important to know that 1 degree of increased temperature is an additional 10 beats per minute. So when your pulse is higher by 20 beats, the body temperature is approximately 39 degrees. This method is recommended for those who know your normal pulse. Before measurement of the pulse cannot be drinking coffee and doing physical exercises.

Also define a lower temperature, which happens in case of a breakdown, on the basis of well-being. In this state, piled drowsiness, are pretty cool forehead and chest. It is possible tingling in the extremities. To determine the elevated temperature should be close your eyes and listen to yourself — if you feel a burning sensation in eyelids, then the temperature is raised. You can try sharply to look in different directions — if it’s hard to do, your body’s temperature way above normal.

Remember that the increase in temperature in most cases is accompanied by the breaking of the joints, chills and severe thirst. Will give the extra degree body flushed red cheeks and a sparkle in the eyes, about which they say “unhealthy”.

Replace the thermometer measuring the number of breaths: in a normal health adult makes about 20 twenty breaths per minute, and the child about thirty. If the number of breaths higher than the norm, it seems that the person has a fever.

When the well-being and self-diagnosis confirmed your guess – you have a fever do not delay and consult your doctor to avoid flare-UPS, which suffer vital organs.

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