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How to deal with millions of unemployed migrants

Как справиться с миллионами безработных мигрантов

The Russian authorities are unable to send migrant workers home, where they are not welcome. Does not have to count on significant help from donor countries workforce.

After the markets, cafes and shopping centers in Russia began to close the building, which worked mainly from the countries of Central Asia. Two weeks ago it seemed impossible is now a fait accompli. The last Bastion fell. Thousands of migrants remain unemployed. The Russians the situation is no better, but they at least have a roof over my head and the legal right to unemployment benefits. Who should help in such a situation, migrants, experts argue.

The Director of the migration programmes of the international non-profit organization Tong Jahoni Valentina Chupik:

Как справиться с миллионами безработных мигрантов

“Those who worked on construction sites, markets, catering and shopping centers, remain without work. Courier service, which continues to actively recruit suppliers are not paid a salary. To me the shaft are appeals from people who do not give money and say: well, now the crisis, bear with me. And the people have nothing to eat.

MPs one after the other advocate that all of them be deported, evacuated, in large quantities to take home. This is complete insanity. The fact that deportation entails a prohibition on entry for five years. Russia will lose loyal to her workers. To replace them come the sons, younger brothers, who — unlike his older relatives — do not speak Russian, which is much worse skills, and who hate Russia, where so basely did to their relatives.

In addition, to organize special flights to evacuate migrants will be much more expensive than to pay each of them 15 thousand rubles. I think that the Russian government should at least cancel payments on patents and the validation of migration control. To work it will still be nowhere, but their families will be able to translate them for 100-200 dollars. That is — they can last a while.

Embassies, consulates of the countries-donors of labor are also trying to help its citizens, but the help is nothing like the same scale, to dramatically ease the situation of migrant workers. The Embassy of Uzbekistan in your hostel contains about 170 people, and every day feeds them. Embassy of Kyrgyzstan distributes rice, buckwheat, sunflower oil, flour the most affected in this situation, fellow citizens. Preference is given to families with children. Embassy of Tajikistan strained their business, which already have Russian citizenship, so they took to his home and work as many Tajiks. But you know, it is too little.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan on April 3 asked the Russian government to cancel payment of patents for the period of self-isolation. Followed on April 6 with the same request addressed to the Ambassador of Tajikistan. As a rule, on such appeals, the answer comes in the next 48 hours. A week passed, but still no.”

Human rights activist, Chairman of the Committee “Civil assistance” Svetlana Gannushkina:

Как справиться с миллионами безработных мигрантов

“To speak about the fact that migrants have to leave, it is meaningless. They can’t do that. The country closed. Russia has come a coronavirus, although not so brutal as in the US or Italy, but also quite serious. We know that there are already cases among migrants. It is quite natural that in their homeland the border closed and to put themselves to the epidemic, the authorities do not want. Even if Central Asia remains free from COVID-19. It is very important that the coronavirus does not spread, so people that are here, are here to stay. But this necessity applies not to them but to the state. It is necessary to provide them with assistance including material — as well as our citizens, who, unlike migrants, have at least a roof over my head. Now we have many empty hotels and hostels where migrants could have some time to sit out, as long as they will not be able to go home or return here to work.

Of course, it would be possible to offer the Central Asian States to help their fellow citizens trapped in Russia. But I think to get the money unrealistic. Why do people come here? From the fact that the home unemployment, and the state has no funds.

Those who want to, of course, need to help out. The same favorable climate, maybe someone will help gardens to feed themselves during this difficult time. But if migrant workers are not ready to leave, we need to provide them here. For such a large country as Russia, two million migrants — not such an impossible burden.

They know how to live on little money, a modest amount would be a great support. Of course, there is a group of people who will raise a howl that the government helps migrant workers instead of having to return them to their homeland. But still, among us much more than other people. Recently, we asked a restaurateur, who are ready to feed the migrants. Agrokompleks offers vegetables and fruits.

Migrant workers — these are the same people who built the house, swept the yards. Do they not deserve to we it helped a little bit. And did it cheap.

Something in relation to migrants already done by the Russian authorities. In particular, they extend the visa for 90 days, the order is already there. In some regions of aliens released from detention centres.

Many fear that, being without work, immigrants will start to commit crimes. I don’t think so. If the person does not have the temperament for it, it is a crime not going. In addition, migrants usually most afraid of, particularly the police. Contrary to the popular notion that “migrant = criminal” foreigners commit only 3% of the total number of crimes in Russia. And we are talking about all the foreigners, not only about migrant workers”.

Leading researcher of the Institute of social analysis and forecasting Ranhigs Yulia Florinskaya:

Как справиться с миллионами безработных мигрантов

“To take the migrants to their homeland is impossible, borders are closed, and no country will not accept them now. What will she do with so many people, especially if some of them will also be infected? Frankly, I think that much need in this. For building, I am still calm. They were closed only three days ago, and — point, not in all regions. I don’t think three days all employees are immediately starved. If construction will not work for two to three weeks, while in Moscow the epidemic will go on recession, nothing bad will happen. Three weeks still stand, especially builders. They are not the poorest among migrant workers.

Those who work officially, have to pay at least some part of the salary. Others may seek help in public organizations. Perhaps some assistance will be needed from the Russian government. It is now important that the government abolished the payment of patents on three months. The Embassy could also connect to, to buy food to destitute could have some time to hold. I don’t think it will cost them a fortune”.

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