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How to deal with bloating without quickly and without drugs

Как справиться со вздутием живота без быстро и без лекарствIn folk medicine, there are methods in the shortest possible time to get rid of such problems as bloating.

Bloating is usually accompanied by increased flatulence, which gives a person discomfort. Causes of flatulence may be weight: goiter, peptic ulcer disease, nervous stress, swallowing of air while eating (aerophagia), eating “dry rations”, the use of certain foods, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and so on.

Traditional recipes, allowing you to deal with bloating in the shortest possible time:

Dill water. The most popular method which has been used for several generations. It is necessary to pour a tablespoon of dill seeds with boiling water and let stand for several hours, then stir and strain. Drink 150 ml 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals.

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Herbs of chamomile, Valerian root and cumin. Mix a teaspoon of each ingredient and take 1 tbsp. l collection, fill it with boiling water in a glass, give a little brew, strain and drink warm.

Parsley root. You will need a teaspoon of chopped parsley and a glass of water at room temperature. Ingredients to combine in a glass and leave to infuse for half an hour, then strain. Take a tablespoon every hour during the day, the end of which he should remain blank.

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If the problem does not stop to bother you and none of the proposed methods does not help, then you need to contact the doctor who will establish the cause of bloating and excessive gas formation, and prescribe the correct treatment.

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