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How to cure sinusitis at home: doctor’s advice

Как вылечить гайморит в домашних условиях: советы врачаSinusitis is a fairly common inflammation of the mucous membrane of the sinus okolonosovyh.

Headaches and shortness of breath is a symptom of sinusitis.

It is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus. It starts with a runny nose. Every night, pain around the nose. This told the capital audiologist Vyacheslav Lesnevich.

“A week passes before someone finds out that she has sinusitis. Cure a cold tea. To breathe easier, no headache. And sinusitis on quietly developing. So the disease starts. Really starting to hurt his face. The pain is worse when he lifts the eyelids or presses on the area under the eyes. Decreases in the supine position. Because the pus out of the sinuses, ” says the doctor

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Sinusitis starts as a cold. There is sneezing, chills and a slight fever.

Later there is pain in the nose, forehead or the face, gives to the teeth and roots of the nose. Swells the mucous of the nose, there is a runny nose, difficulty breathing. There is a constant fatigue.

Sometimes the smell disappears. Distorted taste of foods or an unpleasant taste, where it did not exist before.

To penetrate clogged nasal purulent secretions ducts can surgery. So to avoid it, assign less traumatic, which is called “cuckoo”.

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The patient lies on the couch, turn on the device. A doctor in one nostril with a syringe affects the solution-antiseptic. The other inserts the tube, which pumps liquid out of the sinuses along with the dung and slime.

To prevent sinusitis, as soon as rhinitis, nasal wash salt water.

“In a glass of water dissolve half a teaspoon of sea salt. On the contrary the liquid into your palm and pull your nose. It washes mucous,” advises the doctor.

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