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How to create the most successful business Empire in the world

Как создавались самые успешные бизнес-империи в мире

Corporate names as Microsoft, McDonald’s or Disney boyfriend. The names of their founders became legends. However, not everyone knows how to begin the story of these great companies and helped their owners to achieve such a huge success.


The company that created the most famous in the world of cartoons, has long turned into a real Empire. It includes not only several studios, but also Newspapers, magazines, television networks, hockey and football teams and amusement parks. The annual profit of the Corporation reaches $20 billion.

Как создавались самые успешные бизнес-империи в мире

Was born in the great Disney Empire in the garage of a young artist Walt Disney, where he created his first masterpieces. When in 1928 appeared on the screen the first cartoon with Mickey mouse, he voiced it. Since then, the bright and life-filled Disney conquered the world and a record number of Oscars, and the number of fans is growing every day.


The first fast food restaurant with the same name was opened in California in 1940 by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. Perhaps unremarkable café would have remained unknown if not for an enterprising businessman ray Kroc, who at that time was on the verge of ruin. He became an agent of the brothers franchise and has been actively to expand the network.

Как создавались самые успешные бизнес-империи в мире

After 10 years he bought the business from MacDonalds for nearly $3 million In 1965, the U.S. employed more than 700 corporate institutions. In 2018, McDonald’s has worked in 118 countries around the world. Daily they eat about 70 million people. Despite regular scandals and accusations of the network to prepare unhealthy meals, the popularity of this fast food is not falling.


Как создавались самые успешные бизнес-империи в мире

In 1976, Steve jobs wanted to make computers more accessible to ordinary users. In the end, organized by him, the company became a leader in the technology market, and its products are cult. Every minute Apple earns $300 thousand, and in the Bank account of the company sometimes accumulate amounts in excess of the state budget of the USA.


The world’s largest cosmetic Corporation began with a modest production of hair dyes. Then the product range has expanded care cosmetics and perfumery. The highest proportions of business failed to reach the successor of the founder of Eugene Schuller. The Corporation has absorbed many well-known brands.

Как создавались самые успешные бизнес-империи в мире

The brand produces cosmetics Maybelline New York, Lancôme, Elsève, Vichy and Lancôme. To use this makeup and become the face of the advertising company L’oreal considered prestigious by many a famous actress and model.

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