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How to create organic shampoo at home

Как создать органичный шампунь в домашних условияхNatural shampoo without any cost, what could be better?

Organic cosmetics are quite expensive in beauty salons, but that doesn’t mean you need to give pleasure to please my hair this shampoo.

For starters, you can make more useful your shampoo that you used to enjoy. Just add to shampoo, vitamins A, B, C, and B12, which are sold in capsules at the pharmacy.

After the first washing of the hair is very shiny, with a crazy amount.

It is not necessary to add vitamins in a bottle of shampoo, because the benefits will be.

Do it in the following manner: into a Cup pour shampoo enough for two soaping and add vitamins. Can add all at once, and can and separately. Mix and wash your hair.

When you Deposit a second time leave shampoo on hair for 5 minutes, then wash away.

After the first wash you will notice that the volume was just incredible and much less hair falling out.

Else to your hair was silky, shiny and easy to Roncesvalles, Mix in shampoo aspirin (soluble). You will be surprised by the effect, trust us.

If you add in shampoo vitamin E, the hair will stop falling out and break.

You can still add to shampoo essential oils, for example, the hair need lemon oil is especially good for oily hair to get dirty slower.

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