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How to create a cartoon “Crocodile Gena”. Photo

Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». ФотоWe continue to talk about the old Soviet films.

Original signature photo below was the phrase: “Leonid Shvartsman with their heroes in the film “River of crocodile Gena”. Sorry, I thought I knew a good Soviet cartoons, but this cartoon about Gena the Crocodile I have ever seen. And not even heard of.

1. Here is a photo from 1974: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». Фото

2. In search of further information, I helped a few interesting facts.

So, in 1966, the Roman Kachanov invited Leonid Shvartsman in puppet animation. Their first work — “Lost granddaughter”, then was “the mitten”. Somehow Roman Kachanov, decided to enlist the support of Khrushchev’s son-in-law, Alexei Adzhubei. And asked him to write the script. Adjoubei then worked as chief editor of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, have been to many countries in Africa often traveled, and in 1969 wrote, “the Rivals”, about football-Africans and some monsters

Work has begun on the film, adzhubei began to come to the Studio and Kachanov — Adjubey who had two young sons. And once away Kachanov saw that they were enthusiastically reading the book. It was “Crocodile Gena and his friends” assumption. The next day he bought the same owner, brought her at the “Soyuzmultfilm” and said: “make a movie”.

Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». Фото

3. Here it tells about process of creation of Leonid Shvartsman: “Crocodile I did it pretty quickly. In the script it says: “the Crocodile has worked at the zoo as a crocodile. And when he was out working day and rang the bell, he wore his jacket and hat, picked up the phone and went home.“ It was enough that I had the image of a gentleman with a bow tie and a white bib.”

Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». Фото

4. With the Gibus too, everything came out just. Gibus, as it is known, the name of the folding cylinder. This XIX century, and from that comes everything else — a black dress, jabot, white lace cuffs, shoes pumps heels. Since she is such a naughty grandma, Schwarzman made her long nose, rosy cheeks and a prominent chin. A gray hair and a bundle of borrowed from my mother in law.

Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». Фото

5. “Five months is the preparatory period of the film, and half of that time I spent with Cheburashka. — Continues Leonid Shvartsman. — His eyes immediately made baby, surprised, human. Though large, but not “owl-like”. The assumption in the “Preface, which do not have to read” said: “When I was a kid, my parents gave toy: a fluffy, shaggy, small. With big eyes as owl. With a round rabbit head and a small tail, like a bear”. All. Large ears not a word.

Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». Фото

6. “I began to draw the donkey ears: first, at the top, then gradually they began to crawl and grow. Me regularly came Kachanov, I showed the sketches, we discussed them, argued, he expressed his wishes, I had to paint. Through this joint effort and there was the final sketch. It, however, the donkey still has a bear tail, who then greatly reduced. And legs was initially longer, but Norstein advised to make them as small as now. After you create a color sketch I did the drawing, and puppet masters had manufactured Cheburashka, and he lived his life.”

Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». Фото

7. Well, what about “the River of the crocodile Genes”… Found another photo, which confirms the shooting of this film. Director of films about Cheburashka Roman Kachanov and the actors voicing roles in the movie “River of crocodile Gena” — Clara Rumyanova and Basil Holmes Livanov, 1974:

Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». Фото

8. But no more information about it there. But if the analogy with the name and year of photos, I think it’s just the working title of the cartoon “Shapoklyak,” from which came the famous song “Blue wagon”.

Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». Фото


Как создавали мультфильм «Крокодил Гена». Фото

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