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How to create a blog in 2018, and also about updates from Wix

In 2018 to create your own website, be it business card, online shop or a portal, very simple, and it does not need to have a deep knowledge in web programming or web design. All you need is a website Builder Wix, using which you will create your first personal website in a few minutes.

What is Wix?

Wix is not just a designer, it is a complete platform for the creation and promotion of sites of any complexity, which is trusted by tens of millions of people around the world. History of the project dates back to 2006, and during these 12 years, he has experienced several stages of development and continues to be updated to this day. Each month, the developers add new functions and improve existing ones, to simplify the site creation process and make it if not fully automated, it is very clear even to those who had never done it.


Using the functionality of Wix, you can create simple home pages or websites for your company, designed to quickly convey to the visitor the information he needs, and a full online shopping with millions of revolutions. In fact, restrictions on the complexity of the project, even if the function is not in a ready template, you can always use additional modules, whose number exceeds 250. It can be various shapes and interactive elements, for example, the module of the survey, which will allow to know the opinion of visitors on the proposed product and in General on the site. The features of the site, in fact, limited only by the imagination of the owner – designer, Wix is able to implement everything you need.

Website-blog: how to create and for whom is it needed?

In recent years, very popular all over the world use personal sites-blogs, where the owner assumes the role of author and publish their own thoughts in the form of articles, podcasts, and even full-fledged videos. Engaged even well-known personalities who want to get more interactive with your fans and connoisseurs of their work and activities.


In Wix the possibility of creating a blog website, and it may have several directions: for example, you can create a blog summary with which in the future will be able to find interesting work around the world and to attract employers. Or you already have your own business and you need a corporate blog to inform how existing and potential customers. The third option – blog as an independent business, when do you plan to earn on the publication of articles, including advertising, by attracting traffic. To create all this in Wix is a piece of cake, and all you need to do – very little of your time.

Create your own blog, start by logging in to Wix and then select a predefined template from the list. Do not rush to take the first available: variants will offer a lot, and each has its own peculiarity. The benefits from this design include a very high-quality translation into Russian language: all written in great and mighty, and you do not have to study the dictionary or torment online translators to determine the value of a function.


How to manage a blog in Wix?

Each blog is attached a simple and user-friendly admin panel allowing you to edit every aspect of the website in a couple of clicks. You can change fonts and their sizes, add or remove graphics, add menus, drop-down lists, forms, surveys and even image galleries. Also important is the background of the site, which may be solid or in the form of any photo – we need the can be taken from any available source, including from your computer or from the extensive catalog of images Wix.


The administrator panel is also used for adding and editing content: it is built in visual editor using the mouse to adjust the display of the post and fill it with not only text, but also graphics and audio content – video, links, other pages and images. All this and more will be available to you immediately after registration, and, very importantly, the creation of a blog will cost you exactly 0 rubles.


Cost blog website in Wix

That’s right: to use the Wix designer on a completely free basis, which applies the new functions, which, recall, are added consistently – you have to give credit to the developers, they work tirelessly on the improvement of the service. If your plans include profit maximization and the impact of a blog in Wix there are four tariff plans for businessmen and freelancers.


Each of them contains a number of additional options that will turn your website from personal to professional that will not slow down a positive impact on the growth of its audience.


New features Wix

Recently, the functionality of the Wix Blog, used to create blogs that received large-scale update, which brought in it a scattering of new features. First and foremost, the update has affected the functionality of the promotion, i.e. SEO: now you can add SEO titles, descriptions, and links which your site will be better for it to be modern search engines, and which will be able to attract new visitors and ultimately lead to increased profits.


Along with this developers have worked on the process of creating and editing posts: in particular, the possibility of choosing the date of publication, so it is now possible to put records retroactively or, conversely, to expose the still unseen number. Arsenal settings posts also expanded significantly, and in the future they will be even more.



In the end, after the integration of the new features of designer, Wix has become the ultimate solution for creating both personal and commercial blogs without financial cost and loss of personal time. This is true both for companies and for private entrepreneurs and representatives of creative professions – writers, artists, musicians and so on, which is important feedback from your fans.


The advantages of Wix over similar services is not just a lot, a lot, first and most obvious one is, of course, the ability to create their own representation on the Internet completely free of charge. Even if you later need to migrate to a premium account, it is very democratic prices will pleasantly surprise you.


Not to mention the ability to connect to existing website so-called “application” modules that extend its functionality and to quickly solve the task. They can be compared to apps for the smartphone: can be installed quickly, do not require fine-tuning and greatly simplify life.


Multiply all of the above at the interface of Wix: the authors of the project initially relied on simplicity, intuitiveness and effectiveness so that you can create your website will be able to as guru of web technology and child or pensioner. Plus, Wix offers a rich choice of templates to suit any taste, each of which can be modified online and make your website unique, unlike any other.


In the future the functionality of the Wix Blog will get a lot of updates, each of which, be assured, will be 100% useful and effective.


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