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How to cope without pills with stress and anxiety

Как справиться без таблеток со стрессом и тревогой Save yourself from this anxiety.

Suffer from anxiety and worry? Upset personal life/health/financial situation/work/with family (underline)? Your heart beats faster, breathing becomes shallow and short, and the thoughts slowed down?

If you are not ready to control my anxiety with medication, you can try to use natural remedies to help get rid of anxiety and anxiety.


If you are nervous, brew yourself a Cup of chamomile tea. This will help you to calm down. Studies have shown that chamomile tea helps even in the struggle with generalized anxiety disorder.
Green tea

One of the reasons for the soothing properties of green tea is L-theanine, an amino acid that normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, and reduces anxiety.


Yes, this is the hops from which are prepared beer, but in this view you will not feel its sedative properties. In order to obtain a calming effect, use aromatic oils. Hops can be combined with Valerian, chamomile or mint.

Some herbs reduce anxiety, but do not have a sedative effect. You can not say about Valerian. Valerian is a great help for insomnia and anxiety.

Valerian has an unpleasant odour, so it is often consumed in capsule form or tincture.

Melissa is used for medicinal purposes since the middle ages. Melissa helps to cope with stress, reduce anxiety, and insomnia. Remember that drinking large amounts of lemon balm may provoke the opposite effect and cause even greater anxiety.

Sports have a beneficial effect on your brain, and are also a great way to combat depression and anxiety.

Passionflower is an herb that has a calming effect. The tool also helps to cope with insomnia.


The scent of lavender has a calming effect. One study found that lavender reduces anxiety symptoms in generalized anxiety disorder as effectively as lorazepam.

The benefits of fish oil for the heart are known to all, but not everyone knows that fish oil protects against depression. Recall that omega-3s are the easiest to obtain from oily fish such as salmon. A large amount of omega-3 is also found in anchovies, sardines and mussels.


Have you ever thought about why you feel so calm after a sauna or bath? Warming up the body relieves muscle tension and anxiety, and also helps improve mood and relieve anxiety.

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