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How to cope with insomnia during pregnancy

Как справиться с бессонницей во время беременностиThe expectant mother is very important with proper rest and healthy sleep.

However, pregnant women often complain of insomnia and inability to sleep. What are the causes of these disorders and how to solve the problem.

The main reason for the occurrence of insomnia in expectant mother is hormonal changes the body, in which a woman can not fully relax.

Often with sleep disturbance during pregnancy women face in the third semester, however, it sometimes happens that insomnia is starting to suffer in the first months of pregnancy.

In the first trimester blame for such problems is a restructuring of the body a large amount of the hormone progesterone. The woman feels tired and broken, falls asleep literally on the move, which strays the day and sleep at night becomes a huge problem.

In the second trimester, sleep problems are rare. This period of pregnancy a woman is called “gold” – when there is no toxicity, and the stomach is not so big that it interferes with walking, sleeping, walking. Yes, and the body has adapted to the new condition, and takes everything for granted.

But in the third trimester sleep issues are back, and are intensified by the fact that the tummy of the expectant mother is already quite impressive size, posture for sleeping to choose the harder, troubled by back pain, and constant urge to urinate can interfere with proper rest.

Experts divide insomnia into three different phases – the start, the inability to maintain sleep and the final.

In the first case, the expectant mother is problematic to sleep – she’s tossing and turning, unable to find a comfortable position, constantly thinking about something and recalls important moments of the day.

During the second phase of a woman fast asleep, but wakes up in the night, and sleep the second time she is problematic.

And in the case of insomnia final phase of the expectant mother sleeps all night but wakes very early, feeling that not enough sleep, but can’t sleep.

Regardless of what that phase faces pregnant it during the day, feels tired and “broken” that can lead to health problems.

How to overcome insomnia during pregnancy

Every woman can use one or more of the following ways. The most important thing is to find your own, and, finally, to sleep and to enjoy the anticipation of the birth of the baby.

First, make your routine in such a way as to avoid overvoltage, excessive fatigue and stress. If you are habituated to going to sleep during the day, you may want to try to break this habit, then night sleep will be stronger. During the day, try to spend more time in the fresh air and spend an hour or two of physical activity. Ideal swimming or prenatal yoga.

In the evening it is better to abandon heavy meals and activities that can cause physical or emotional fatigue. Before you go to bed, take a warm shower, giving the body a signal that now is the time to relax and unwind.

Don’t be afraid to bring their problem to their gynecologist who conducts your pregnancy, it is possible he will prescribe you some sedatives, or advise aromatherapy. Might even prescribe a sleeping pill. The main thing to remember is that without consulting the doctor any drugs the expectant mother can not accept such a decision may be taken only by your gynecologist, knowing the results of all tests, pregnancy and the possible consequences.

Remember, healthy sleep during pregnancy – the key to your good health and normal development of small crumbs, which now needs the mother’s support.

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