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How to compensate for the deficiency of iodine in the body

Chronic iodine deficiency leads to a combined disturbance – the fall of the immune system, increase General fatigue and a more rapid accumulation of fat in the thighs, belly and sides.

Iodine is used by the body to synthesize thyroid hormones, which are responsible for metabolism. We get iodine primarily from food, a small amount also comes from air and water. Unfortunately, the majority of the population could not provide the body’s requirement of iodine. Remind that the main sources of iodine in the diet are seafood.

An important role in iodopropionic is iodized salt. Iodine is necessary for each person every day of life.

The amount depends on the age: 90 -120 mg / day is needed for children up to 12 years, for adults – 150 mcg of iodine a day, while pregnant women and women who breastfeed should get 200 – 250 µg / day of that item.

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