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How to cleanse the body of toxins: effective folk remedy

Как очистить организм от шлаков: эффективное народное средствоHow to lose weight and improve your health with the help of garlic.

The benefits of garlic are known to people since time immemorial. However, this is really wonderful product has one unpleasant quality of smell.

Will I lose the benefits of garlic, when consumed in food is not fresh, and fried? Nutritionists and doctors of different specializations answer this question in the affirmative.

The benefits of garlic in the heat treatment process is somewhat reduced: the temperature significantly reduces the content in garlic essential oils. Due to the reduced ability of roasted garlic to resist infectious diseases – this quality garlic owes to the high content of essential oils. But all the other qualities remain in the garlic and after it is roasting.

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What is the use of roasted garlic? First of all, fried garlic – very tasty. As a separate dish it is, of course, not be served, but in other dishes it is very good – tasty and healthy.

Dietitians claim that fried garlic is not detrimental to the figure: the contained enzymes have the ability to break down fats. And this quality more than compensates for the high caloric content of fried garlic (all fried dishes, known to be high-calorie). The idea is to benefit of roasted garlic still troubling you? Add it to steamed vegetables. The benefits of garlic, which profusely, not decreasing.

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Roasted garlic has the ability to cleanse the digestive tract of toxins and free radicals. And intestinal health is a fortress of the whole immune system.

Roasted garlic also has the ability to work at the cellular level, preventing the organism from decay. Reducing the level of acidity, garlic raises the natural protective forces of the organism and strengthens the immune system.

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