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How to clean the car interior from stains

Как самостоятельно отчистить салон авто от пятенHow to do without expensive dry cleaning.

The interior of the new car smell dream. Dream about money, dream about travel, dream about a new life – the smell that pleases the body and cheers the soul. At least at first until the padding will not absorb odors endless snacking in the tube, the scent of perfume the casual traveler and baby surprises in the back seat. You can, of course, send the correct steel other dry-cleaning, and can save you money and to carry out all necessary procedures right in the garage.

Ink. Had a leaky pen or unfolded a child? Happen. The problem can be solved without expensive trips to the dry cleaners: spray hairspray on the stain (so the ink will not spread), and then gently Pat it with a damp cloth.

Greasy stains. Snack McDuck, and noticed a few oil stains on the upholstery? Frustrating, but fixable. Mix the paint thinner with water (ratio 1:1 and don’t forget to check the solvent on an inconspicuous portion of the skin), moisten the mixture a cotton rag and wipe the stain. On the night pour the treatment site with coarse salt, in the morning vacuum.

How sweet the first SIP of coffee in the morning traffic! And how sad to notice that you accidentally spilled a couple of drops directly onto the upholstery. Do not worry ahead of time: a bit of cold water directly on the stain, blot with paper towel. Rubbing a stain is not necessary, only will be worse. Now at the remains of the trouble apply the liquid for washing of glasses, wait 5-7 minutes and then Pat dry. Should help!

Cheap steam cleaner you can buy almost in any shop. Thing in the economy useful, so money better not to regret. Steam cleaner makes it easy to conduct a deep cleaning of the upholstery – it sprays hot water and sucks it back along with the dirt.

Let’s say you shot the car owner with a shotgun – blood everywhere. And in the morning woke up, laughed at this dream and went to work, not noticing that he cut his finger. And here, blood everywhere again! To remove blood stains only cold water. Soap and hot water problem will only worsen. Wet a cotton cloth with cold water and DAB the stain. Repeat until the issue is resolved.

Work on the skin. With leather interior you need to work more carefully and more frequently than with fabric covers or vinyl cladding fades and wipes and it is much faster. But even the toughest stains from the skin to remove is quite simple: treat your desired location with air conditioning for the skin, then apply stain remover to the skin and gently RUB it. After half a minute everything can be washed.

The most difficult to clean numerous seams, quickly collect dirt and debris. Remember the army stories about the toothbrush and the toilet? You will be easier: instead of dirty toilet is relatively clean car, well toothbrush will really help to reach the most inaccessible places.

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