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How to choose safe for health strawberries

Как выбрать безопасную для здоровья клубникуIn Ukraine started the strawberry season.

However because of the nitrates and chemicals people are afraid to buy sweet berry. The sellers also claim the strawberries on the shelves clean and safe.

Early strawberries at the markets usually brought from Transcarpathia and Kherson. Sellers complain about – the demand is not great. If you buy something only a few grams.

For testing in the laboratory, the journalists of Channel 24 bought a few types of strawberries: the most selective and small, but flavorful. In addition, also took the new potatoes and courgettes.

“If the strawberry has spots, then we can say that it splattered. When we, for example, wash the strawberries and some time she will lie and she did not drain the juice, this strawberry is also processed”, – said the engineer, certification Oksana Piano .

If the berries are dark red and very hard, most likely, they are also sprayed with ammonia. Therefore it is better to buy a bright red, with tails, shiny and without spots, and of course flavorful.

Strawberries can be consumed in the nitrate content of less than 60 mg / kg In potatoes – norm to 250. The zucchini is up to 400. Experts say if you wash vegetables under running water and soak a bit in salt, nitrates will be reduced by one third. Still the same is a heat treatment. But long-term storage in the refrigerator, on the contrary, nitrates added.

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