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How to choose Jogging sneakers

Как правильно выбрать кроссовки для бегаEase – here and now!

You do not have enough in a life of ease, a sense of flight, adrenaline? Is there a way to get it all pretty simple and most importantly – healthy. We are talking about running, which heals the body, beneficial effects on the heart and lungs, and it also gives a lot of positive emotions. Doctors say that running is downright miraculous power. So wear comfortable tracksuit, put on our running shoes with a robust sole, turn on your favorite music player and… on the treadmill, stadium or along the paths of green Park.

Running – health and beauty

It is important to remember that running needs to be correct to “build” it should gradually. Then the maximum health effect is guaranteed:

– running strengthens muscle tone during the light workout;

– while running, increases circulation, breathing becomes deep and leveled, and accordingly cardiovascular system gets additional bonuses;

– thanks to the run “wakes up” the endocrine system, improve metabolism;

if Jogging regularly, will gradually reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood; thus it is possible to protect yourself from such popular nowadays diseases like myocardial infarction, hypertension, stroke, atherosclerosis, etc.;

– thanks to my body’s getting younger, getting rid of harmful toxins that “go” through the sweat glands;

during such light workouts normalizerbase Central nervous system, strengthens the immune system;

– if the running to turn into an integral part of life that can be cool to temper your body.

So the main thing is to start training correctly. Easy run no contraindications. For example, people suffering from flat feet, also has access to treadmills, choosing comfortable shoes of good quality.

No to depression and stress!

Don’t forget that the hormone of happiness can be obtained not only from sweets, laughter or sex. Running copes with this task. During light Jogging significantly improves mood, the depression may not be considered. The psychological state space.

It is important to remember and self-esteem: people who prefer an active lifestyle, it is much higher than those who passively “drifting”. Also, engaging in regular Jogging, it is possible to develop beautiful qualities – responsibility, commitment, willpower, self-control, discipline.

For beginners, the most difficult is to start Jogging, overcoming laziness. But once a person wins their weaknesses, stop feeling sorry for myself, whining, etc., and get to work on yourself and your health – the results are simply stunning! Jogging will be an integral part of life that will sparkle with new colors and filled with pleasant emotions.

Run alone or together with your friends that will always be a reliable support!

In the morning or evening?

In some people there is a dilemma: when to run is better – morning or evening? Timing for Jogging is definitely a matter of taste, you need to consider first of all the individual rhythm of life.

Morning is a great time to indulge in reflection and a kind of “meditation” during the run, tuning in a positive way. This allows you to “disconnect” from the problems, responsibilities, noisy atmosphere of the city, and build plans for the future, “diving” in itself.

Jogging in the evening is great for people who are “morning swing” is very hard and only the thought of an early rise cause negative emotions. In this case, need to run in the evening, when to manage your time more comfortable than in the morning. During the evening run of the muscles that the day was relaxed, restores tone and maintain a good form.

You can also alternate Jogging: one morning, one evening. This will allow you to get involved in the process, and soon a matter of time cease to be relevant.
The right athletic shoes

In order to run brought only pleasure and health benefits, you need to find a good sports shoes.

Walk into any sports shop, you can see a huge range of sneakers. But to acquire it “their own”, you need to consider some nuances. Here, the classic approach of “like – dislike” is inappropriate.

Improper selection of shoes large load on the spine, knee joints and feet can trigger destructive processes, which are accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations.

Running shoes should be lightweight, breathable and have good cushioning. Well, when these shoes has a massive heel and toe, snub-up. If you roll from heel to toe.

It is important that the top was made of breathable mesh with inserts of leather or artificial. In order that the ankle did not suffer from rubbing, running shoes that have inflated cushion.

There is one small but important secret. Running shoes better to choose the evening. You know why? Evening time leg natural way swells due to daily stress. Therefore, it is important to buy shoes that will not cause discomfort in the evening and in the morning it can be a little loose.

First of all, the quality of the shoes

Evaluating the quality of running shoes, you need to be very careful and “picky”.

Notice the first indicators that are often missing in the “artisanal” producers:

good lacing;
– smooth lines;
– no synthetic fragrance;
– size;
– country of origin;
– a sticker with information about the material.

Then you need to check whether there is any arch support. In running shoes it plays an important role, because this element protects against fatigue. Please note – the insole should be taken out easily. Therefore, it is possible to take care of the hygiene Shoe. After all, sneakers with an unpleasant odor can not be used, even if they look well preserved.

It is important to check the quality of the Shoe, in practice, it should be done together with the consultant. Bend the shoes in high quality running shoes sole not be so “metamorphosis” along the bend it is simply impossible. Often the reaction of the seller says a lot – be careful, assessing the quality of the shoes!

First fitting shoes

You need to try on shoes on both feet. You can wear the socks that you are planning to wear shoes (socks if pretty rough, you may need shoes a size larger). Primera a pair of sneakers, a little shopping, to feel foot and heel well fixed and no discomfort.

To choose the right size will also help the seller, who knows all the nuances dimensional grid. Shoe sizes do not always correspond to the conventional standards. The shoes should not squeeze, RUB and be too loose.

Как правильно выбрать кроссовки для бега

Guided by these simple rules, you can never go wrong in selecting quality running shoes and they will last a long time. So go ahead – run health!

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