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How to choose a website design firm?

How to choose a website design firm? Once you have decided that you need a website, you must decide to those who would do it. If you possess knowledge of technology development and money to hire a full-employment of the employees concerned, you can create a site yourself. But if you are a small business, you need to attract foreign forces to carry out such a project. However, be careful with those whom you hire. Poorly made web site can cost you money and at the same harm your reputation and make you turn away from your customers. Follow a few simple rules to increase the chances of hiring inventive, technically savvy and cost-efficient company, because the creation of websites is not an easy job.

1. Determine your needs. You can hire the contractor to build, commissioning and support of your site. If you plan to use the site only as an online brochure, hire a contractor to design and launch the site, while the implementation of further support, such as correction of non-working links, produce themselves. Be realistic in terms of your objectives and growth plans in order to know whether to hire a contractor for a short or long term cooperation.

2. Consider the experience of each candidate. You need to analyze the experience of Web developers to form opinions about their potential. Once you have found a few developers who do you like – on the recommendations through the various web directories or competing sites – evaluate their projects and prices presented on the Internet. The site should not be screaming to do their work, but you have to evaluate the sense of taste a web designer. Also think about the possibility of hiring the firm, familiar with the specifics of your industry.

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3. Evaluate their services. Decide whether the developer of your needs. If you want to sell their products online, look for firm, proven e-commerce. If you decide to use the services of the company represented by one person, to determine whether the developer has all the necessary skills to create what you want? On the other hand, whether you are sufficiently significant for a large company with a host of other customers? Determine what additional bonuses offered by the company, for example, drafting promotional materials, website promotion, etc.

4. Meet face to face or through Skype/online conference. Firm-developer, whether one person or the multinational company will submit your website name around the world. You will need to cooperate productively. Ask yourself the following questions and rely on the first instinctive reaction:

• Do they really listen to what I need?

• Explain whether they are in such a way that I understand?

• Do they know my industry?

• Do they share my vision for the site?

5. Check the recommendations. Learn how the company profitable, but you also need to know how they work. The company-a developer can have a reputation most inventive in the world, but if they never finish the work on your site, you are not much help. Call previous clients and ask them if a company:

• Adheres to deadlines.

• Performs orders.

• There was attentive to the customer suggestions and questions.

• Properly resolve disputes.

• Worked within the original budget is limited.

Think ahead. Over the past year, hundreds of firms specializing in web design, survived the merger, reduced the volume of transactions or simply closed. And although it is impossible to know for sure whether there company in the future, you have the right to ask a question about the possibility of long-term partnership. You should also ask whether a contracting firm to accept payment in several stages, or they require the bulk of the amount as a prepayment. Firms that are not prepared to relate to customers with their own abilities to give the finished product, not worth the risk.

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