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How to cheer up, if you don’t get enough sleep: 10 proven ways

Как взбодриться, если не выспался: 10 проверенных способовThese methods will quickly lead you to feeling, and drowsiness as a hand lift.

Reasons to not to sleep for the night, can be a lot and they reveal just enough, but to find the most optimal way of dealing with drowsiness is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Experts shared ten tips with those who are Napping at your Desk:

1. Cheerful morning. It all starts with the alarm clock and it should not annoy you, but it is necessary to perform the primary function is to Wake up the host. That is, put a nice uplifting melody as alarm sound and Wake up with a good mood. Then you should take a shower and hearty Breakfast. By the way, Breakfast should be rich in protein and carbohydrate food, so your body and you Wake up faster.

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2. Morning exercise. Active exercise will provide you energy, so do not give up additional energy source.

3. Turn on the light. Autumn morning sunlight is negligible, so you’ll just have to turn on the light in the room where you are. It is desirable that around you it was very light.

4. Coffee break. If you are a coffee lover, but coffee, no one beverage you do not will. But in case you do not like coffee or you’re afraid to drink it so as not to harm the health, cheer you can of strong green tea, because it also has caffeine.

5. Stock up on water. Those who do not get enough sleep, experts recommend drinking a glass of water 1 time per hour.

6. Ventilate the room. Where ever you are, do so to get cool, not warm.

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7. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. If you have not slept and really want to sleep, it is better not to eat heavy calorie food.

8. Don’t avoid people. Live chat – the enemy of sleepiness, however, you need careful to choose a companion, as a boring man and his boring story again will make you remember that you didn’t get enough sleep and want to sleep.

9. Essential oil. Any oil of plant or fruit with a sharp aroma for you. Also, you can use coffee beans. Sharp aromas help to cheer up.

10. Wash your hands under cold water. If the water is very cold, you will Wake up even faster.

Use these methods to combat the drowsiness, they are tested by many people and their efficiency is not questioned.

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