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How to change the life of Russians from June 1: growth rates and new payments: What to expect the Russians

Как изменится жизнь россиян с 1 июня: рост тарифов и новые выплаты: Чего ждать россиянам

The Russians have been waiting for the summer. But for many it, unfortunately, will not begin with a trip to the sea. Regions gradually begin to emerge from isolation and return to his former life. However, cases in Russia is a lot, and to the plateau we are still far. However, the upcoming changes in June, is prepared in advance. Details — in the material


The opening of the resorts

In some regions the tourism industry will gradually out of the mode restrictions, caused by the pandemic coronavirus, from the 1st of June. As suggested in tourism, the first to resume the sanatorium with the medical license, in addition, some subjects will be open, apart-hotels and hotels of cottage accommodation.

Child benefits

1 June in Russia will start payments to families with children. According to the decrees of President Vladimir Putin, the Russians will play three measures of social support of families with children during the spread of a viral infection. Provides a lump sum in the amount of 10 thousand rubles for children from 3 to 16 years of age and payments for children of 3 years — 5 thousand roubles for April, may and June.

Low-income families will receive half of the subsistence minimum for children from 3 to 7 years, payments will accrue from the beginning of 2020. By submitting an application in June, single family will get the money for the first half — about 33 thousand, then the support will continue on a monthly basis.

The economic recovery

Vladimir Putin instructed the government together with heads of all regions of the Russian Federation and with the participation of the business by June 1, develop a nationwide economic recovery plan. Along with three state aid packages, the program should support entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens, victims from-for a difficult situation in the country.

Debtors and debts

Since June 1, the debtors will be much harder to hide money from the bailiffs. It is planned that the bailiff will be able to access information about all the types of Bank accounts — from account number ending with data on the movement of funds both in rubles and in foreign currency.

Currently, police officers can obtain necessary information on accounts.

Meanwhile, the banking community is concerned that under debt relief can get child support as funds are transferred from one individuals to another.

Fee for money transfers

It is planned that from June 14 will be cancelled so-called banking roaming the prohibition of charging a fee for money transfers of citizens in case if the payer and recipient opened with the same Bank but in different regions. In this regard, the translation process will become much easier and faster.

Utilities payment

It is expected that from 1 June the payment of housing and communal services in Russia as a whole will grow by 4%. In 2019, the indexing of utility tariffs was held in two stages — in January and in July. In 2020 it will be held in the second half.

Temporary rules of registration of unemployed persons

The centers of employment of the population at registration of citizens as unemployed people will begin to request data from the interior Ministry from June 1. These measures will be temporary. To register unemployed centres will be in online mode. In addition, the usr ZAGS will be prompted for information about the registration of children of Russians who filed the statement in electronic form.

Children’s rest

The organization of children’s rest will be able to engage in only those organizations that were in a special state register. For this they need to pass the necessary tests and provide all the details. Besides, it is necessary to receive sanitary-the epidemiological conclusion and the license for medical activity. After June 1, not entered in the register of organizations will not be able to provide these services.

Electronic employment

The law on the introduction of electronic work record cards entered into force on 1 January. All information about seniority, posts, dismissals, etc. will be transferred monthly to the Pension Fund. Employees of the companies will be able to choose what format will be their employment history, thus if you wish, preserving the paper version. To warn employees about the employer’s needs until the end of June.

Duty on crude oil

Duty on oil exports from Russia will rise by $1.5 from previous $6.8 and will total $8.3 per ton. The duty on heavy oil will increase to $1.2 m, light oil and oil — to $2.4, on dark — up to $8.3 m.

Moreover, tax payments on the export of commodity gasoline will rise to $2.4, naphtha (nafta) — to $4.5. The duty on liquefied gas will remain at zero, coke will increase to $0.5.

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