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How to care for your hair during spring and summer

Как правильно ухаживать за волосами весной и летомAfter the winter our hair becomes dull and lose all the strength and elasticity.

This is a clear signal that for them the return to life should be taken seriously and without delay.

At any time of the year every girl tries to look impressive and amazing. This helps with quality care, correctly and wisely-chosen clothes and of course accessories. Actually, in some cases, jewelry can perfectly complement your look and make you look stunningly beautiful. To do this, just need to properly select and combine these products.

But, in the summer, need to know how to care for your hair, writes Summer is a wonderful time to focus on yourself and your hair, because they suffer from sunlight, fade, become dim and become untidy. During summer hair needs special and careful care, so it is important to choose a shampoo or conditioner that suits your hair.

Hair are different, they are divided into types. Type: dry, oily, normal, combination.

Women with oily hair there’s lots of subcutaneous fat, and under sunlight it becomes even more. Because of this, in the summer oily hair very dirty quickly. So you need to choose a shampoo or mask, which will regulate the sebaceous glands. With this great fight shampoo sage and nettle. Kefir, mustard, chamomile mask will also help in this problem.

And now about dry hair. They are brittle, with split ends, dull. Therefore, choose such means which can retain moisture, not allowing them to dry out. For such hair shampoos are preferable, which include jojoba oil and grapeseed. Will also help to moisturize the hair mask of avocado and egg yolk.

To ensure that your hair has recovered, it is first necessary to diversify their own diet. Eat as many vitamins. Eat fresh apples, oranges, and grapefruit, dried apricots, raisins. If this is not enough, start taking multivitamins, which will help to restore not only your hair but also nails.

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